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Shenzhen Yucai High School (simplified Chinese: 深圳育才中学; traditional Chinese: 深圳育才中學; pinyin: Shēnzhèn Yùcái Zhōngxué; Jyutping: sam1 zan3 juk6 coi4 zung1 hok6) is a school in Shekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Founded in 1995, Shenzhen Yucai High school has been developed into a regional education system, consisted of primary schools, middle schools and technical sections.

The Shenzhen Yucai High School is the fifth oldest school in Shenzhen started in 1995. First school is Shenzhen Drug School, second oldest school is the Shenzhen Experiment School.

The notable alumni includes Shenglong Zou, founder of Xunlei Technology.

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