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SPC Ardmona, trading as SPC, is an Australian-based company, owned by parent company Coca Cola Amatil that specialises in large fruit packing and owns and operates a canning factory in Shepparton and Kyabram. SPCA closed its Mooroopna processing plant in 2011.[1]


The Shepparton Preserving Company is the full name of SPC. SPC Ardmona was formed in 2002 by the merger of the former Shepparton Preserving Company (SPC) and Ardmona.[2] SPC was incorporated as a public listed company in 1912, and Ardmona opened in 1921.[2] The company is currently owned by Coca-Cola Amatil in an acquisition that was finalised on 25 February 2005.[2][3]

SPC Ardmona carries the SPC, Goulburn Valley, Ardmona, IXL,[4] and Taylors brands.[5]

Financial issues[edit]

In October 2013, the company sought financial assistance to modernise from the Federal and Victorian governments. SPCA requested A$ 50 million, including 25 million pledged to it by Kevin Rudd 4 days before the last Federal election. It wants the Victorian Government to match the Federal grant.[6]

SPCA lost $25 million in 2013, compared to a $70 million profit 8 years earlier. In 2012, SPCA disposed $100 million of fruit bought under contract because it could not be sold, blaming it on "plummeting" local and export orders.[7] A former Coca-Cola Asia executive, Peter Kelly, went to the company in April 2013 to attempt to turn it around.[7]

In early 2014, SPCA sought $25 million of government assistance as part of a plan to upgrade the Shepparton cannery. The proposal was later rejected by the Abbott Government.[8] Shortly afterwards however, the Victorian Government announced that $22 million would be provided.[9]

In November 2016 Woolworths ended their contract with SPCA for the supply of tinned tomatoes and would not renew it. However the 5-year deal to provide tinned fruit is still ongoing. [10]


In March 2014 SPCA signed a deal with Woolworths to supply an extra 24,000 tonnes (53,000,000 lb) of local product, worth $70 million, over 5 years.[11] They will supply Woolworths with beans,[12] canned tomato soups and all its home brand fruit.[13]

Peter Kelly, SPCA managing director, said that Australian consumers are buying more fruit in response to the company's problems, with sales in the first 2 months of 2014 up by 60%[11] at Woolworths alone.[12]


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