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Sherwood Hockey Inc.
IndustrySports equipment, textile
Founded1949; 72 years ago (1949) in Sherbrooke, Quebec
ParentCanadian Tire Corp.[1]

Sher-Wood Hockey Inc. is a Canadian manufacturing company of ice hockey equipment. Sher-Wood also produced equipment under the Chimo brand name from 1977 to 1986.[2][3] Since 2008, it has been the official supplier of game pucks to the NHL, taking over those duties upon its purchase of InGlasCo, which had served in that capacity prior to its purchase by Sher-Wood.[4][5]

Sher-Wood's line of hockey products include sticks, protective elements (shoulder pads, shin guards, gloves, jockstraps). The company also produces a clothing line that includes compression garment, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, caps, socks, and accessories (bags).



Sidney Crosby with a Sher-Wood stick (left); A Sher-Wood puck commemorating the 100-year anniversary of Matthews Arena at Northeastern University (right)

Sher-Wood is one of the last ice hockey manufacturing companies to produce their own wooden sticks in Canada, the other companies having all offshored production to developing countries. As of 2020, Sher-Wood still produces the classic 5030 Feather-Lite stick in Canada.[6] In late 2007, Sherwood-Drolet announced that they would move production of cheaper wooden sticks overseas to concentrate their North American plants on composite sticks.[7]

Skater sticks[edit]

  • Rekker M90
  • Rekker M80
  • Rekker M70
  • Rekker M60
  • Rekker EK365
  • Rekker EK345
  • Rekker EK325
  • Rekker EK300
  • Rekker EK60
  • Rekker EK40
  • Rekker EK20
  • BPM 150
  • BPM 120
  • BPM 090
  • BPM 060
  • T90 2ND GEN

Goaltender sticks[edit]

  • BPM150
  • BPM120
  • BPM090
  • GS650
  • GS350
  • GS350 WHITE
  • 9950 HOF
  • Vintage 530
  • Vintage G5030


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