Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel

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Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel
Sheraton princess-kaiulani.JPG
Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel. Original 1955 wing in foreground, 1970 Ainahau Tower in background.
General information
Location Honolulu, Hawaii
Address 120 Kaiulani Ave
Opening June 11, 1955
Owner Kyo-Ya Hotels & Resorts
Management Sheraton Hotels
Other information
Number of rooms 1142
Official website

The Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel is a large resort hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The hotel is located on the site of ʻĀinahau, the royal estate of Princess Victoria Kaʻiulani, heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. The estate was demolished in the 1930s by the owners of the Moana Hotel, located across Kalakaua Avenue. Bungalows for the hotel were constructed on the site.

The bungalows were demolished in 1953 and the Matson Line constructed the Princess Kaiulani Hotel, which opened on June 11, 1955.[1] The 11-story building was the tallest in Hawaii at the time.

In 1959, Matson sold their hotels to Sheraton Hotels.[2] Sheraton added a second wing to the successful Princess Kaiulani Hotel in 1960, with 210 additional rooms.[3] The hotel was sold to Kyo-Ya Company Limited in July 1963,[4] though Sheraton continued to operate it. Kyo-Ya added a third wing, the 29-story Ainahau Tower, in 1970. Later in the 1970s, they renamed the hotel the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani.


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