Sherbet (Buono! EP)

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Buono! SHERBET Regular Edition (EPCE-5891).jpg
Regular Edition cover
EP by Buono!
Released August 22, 2012 (2012-08-22) (JP)
Genre J-pop
Label Zetima
Buono! chronology
Singles from Sherbet
  1. "Hatsukoi Cider / Deep Mind"
    Released: January 18, 2012
Music video
"Never Gonna Stop!" on YouTube
Limited Edition cover
Limited Edition cover

Sherbet (SHERBET, Shābetto) is the second mini-album by the Japanese girl group Buono!. It was released on August 22, 2012.[1]


The album was released in two versions: Limited Edition (CD+DVD) and Regular Edition (CD only). Never Gonna Stop! is the ending theme for the Japan-based sports program Bowling Revolution P-League.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title {{{extra_column}}} Length
1. "Fever" (FEVER)    
2. "Go! Go! Gōda" (GO!GO! ゴーダ)    
3. "Hatsukoi Cider" (初恋サイダー(Album version)) Rina Izuta, Erena Saeed Yokota, Rina Hirata  
4. "Mirai Drive" (未来ドライブ)    
5. "Believe" (BELIEVE★★★)    
6. "Natsu no Hoshizora" (夏の星空)    
7. "Never Gonna Stop!" (Never gonna stop!)    
Limited Edition DVD
No. Title Length
1. "Never Gonna Stop! (Close-up Buono! Ver. Type 01)" (Never gonna stop!(Close-up BUONO! Ver.-type.01-))  
2. "2012 France Kōen Micchaku Document" (2012 フランス公演密着ドキュメント)  


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