Sheri Jacobson

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Sheri Jacobson
Capture 413 c2.jpg
Photo of Dr. Sheri Jacobson available on her Twitter profile as on 13 May 2019
Alma materUniversity of Oxford
OccupationEntrepreneur, psychotherapist, public speaker

Dr. Sheri Jacobson (born 1976) is an entrepreneur and retired psychotherapist who is the founder and CEO of Harley Therapy - a group of private psychotherapy clinics headquartered in Harley Street, and the associated Harley Therapy Platform, an online marketplace for psychotherapy and counselling.[1]


Jacobson campaigns to destigmatise therapy and promote emotional wellbeing. She has appeared on television,[2] radio,[3] and in the press commenting on mental health issues, including depression.[4][5][6]

Sheri helped launch Santander's Mental Wellbeing Network in April 2018.

In her podcast "TherapyLab" she interviews distinguished guests about their childhoods, life struggles, psychological health and their views on talking therapy - both good and bad.[7]

Awards and recognitions[edit]

Sheri was chosen to join the Mayor of London's trade mission for entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley.[8] Sheri was selected for the EY Winning Women program in 2018.[9]

Sheri was a Finalist in 2018 Enterprise Awards - "The Oscars for Technology".[10]


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