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Sherina Munaf
Sherina Munaf in 2011
Background information
Birth name Sinna Sherina Munaf
Also known as Sherina
Born (1990-06-11) June 11, 1990 (age 26)
Origin Indonesia Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Genres Pop, dance, pop rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, cultural ambassador
Instruments Vocals, piano
Years active 1999-present
Labels Ceepee Production, Miles Films, Trinity Optima Production
Associated acts Westlife

Sherina Munaf (born June 11, 1990 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia) is an Indonesian actress, pop singer, and songwriter. At 9 years old, she successfully launched her debut album, Andai Aku Besar Nanti (translated When I Grow up). In 2000, she played a key role in Petualangan Sherina (translated Sherina's Adventure), directed by Riri Riza.[1] She received a special award in the "Most Talented Child Artist" category in the 2001 Asia Pacific Film Festival in Hanoi for her performance.[2] In 2001, she recorded a cover of "I Have A Dream" with Irish boy band Westlife for a UNICEF fund raising.[3] On February 2013, she serves as a judge and coach Indonesian version The Voice.

Life and career[edit]

1990-2001: The beginnings and Sherina's "Adventure"[edit]

Sinna Sherina Munaf was born on June 11, 1990,[4] the second child of Triawan Munaf and Luki Ariani. When was child, she likes painting and singing. In the midst of every parents dream to see their children become artists, especially as singers. That frequently are seized only by the power of parent's financial support. Sherina was the little girl has shown an amazing talent. For this girl, existed with all the provision of a talented child singer should have. With the help of one of the best vocal teachers in Indonesia, Mr. Elfa Seciora, she managed to had high vocal ability above average kids at the same age.[5][6] She's smart and she perform astonishingly on stage. Sherina broke the trend of instant child singer that appeared before, when parents could afford to bring their children to the studio and hired a producer.

In 1999, Sherina made her debut album Andai Aku Besar Nanti (translated When I Grow up). In that moment, people's enthusiasm were very huge. The album gained Platinum Record for selling over 250.000 copies. Her album won two Indonesian Music Awards for Best Child Song and Children Album. She enjoyed her success since her winning in Jakarta karaoke contest (1997) and as the champion in a singing contest (1998).[7]

in 2000, Sherina's father, Triawan Munaf, collaborated with Mira Lesmana to produce a movie Petualangan Sherina (translated Sherina's Adventure) which was played in class one cinemas. It was a big success.[7] The soundtrack of Sherina's Adventure also gave the youngster another hit album. According to the Ceepee Productions record company, it had gone Platinum by the end of August, with sales of more than 200,000 copies and revenues of $387,000. It was the second time Sherina got Platinum Record.[8]

The album Petualangan Sherina (translated Sherina's Adventure) made she won Indonesian Music Awards two times in a row, for Best Child Song and Children Album plus Best Child Singer. She did it again by winning The Most Favorite Child Artist from Bobo (magazine) (Indonesian) two times in a row (1999 through 2000). The best achievement she got was from Asia Pacific Film Festival as she won Special Jury Awards as The Talented Child Actress accolade for the year 2000. Despite her talents on the big screen, Sherina still prefers to be known as 'just a singer'.[9]

Sherina's popularity was recognized throughout Asia because of the article in Asiaweek Magazine (Asian edition of Times, Time Asia) describe her as Asian News Maker of the year 2000.[10] That fame made BBC London interviewed her and thanks to this interview, Westlife, the number one Irish boyband at the time found her as the perfect choice to duet with for their first hit "I Have a Dream" (a cover version from Swedish pop group ABBA) for Asian market. Gumilang Ramadhan (General Manager of Sony BMG Indonesia) said, "If everything goes well, the album will be released in August. After a three-month review, part of the profit from the sales will be given to Indonesian children through an international charity foundation."[11]

in 2001, Sherina had an interview with Hongkong's TV Network, Star TV in their program "Focus Asia", mentioning her as Princess of Pop by Adrian Brown.[12] Starring in numerous TV ads, she was also sent by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to Japan for Orangutan campaign: Borneo Orangutan Survival.[13][14] Thus, making Sherina nominated as The Most Preferred Kid Actress and TV Talent based on National Kid Market Survey by Frontier Marketing and Research Consultant. In the end of 2001, Sherina has been called The Most Shining Star Child by RCTI.[7] On June,Sherina also singing "Simfoni Raya" writer by Guruh Soekarno Putra for his album titled Bakti dan Persembahanku. This album was made for anniversary 100th Bung Karno.

2002-2004: My Life[edit]

In this year Sherina released her third album titled "My Life". This album shown Sherina at step from children to teenager. In this album, the lead single is "My Life", "Click Clock", and "Aku Beranjak Dewasa". In this album,Sherina also write her own song titled "Kisah Sang Lebah" (Story of Bee).[15]


Acting skill and fame[edit]

Before musical stardom came her way, Sherina's nascent acting skills had already attracted the attention of the Miles Production film company, which thought she would fit nicely into a musical they were planning called Vera and Elmo's Adventure which directed by Riri Riza. Producer Mira Lesmana recalls what she had in mind: "we set out to make a film for Indonesian families. They don't want serious, heavy stuff. The important thing was to produced something that was entertaining and would make families feel good about the Indonesian cinema again."[16] The shooting began in November 1999, with Sherina as the young lead.[17]

As the storyline was being finalized, Andai Aku Besar Nanti was hit the stores, catapulting Sherina from a talented wannabe to an established name. She was now bigger than the movie and that makes Vera and Elmo's Adventure was retitled Sherina's Adventure. Directed by Riri Riza, it tells the story of a musically gifted girl very much like Sherina who moves with her family from Jakarta to Bandung. When a classmate is kidnapped in a business dispute, our pint-sized heroine sets out to free him. The simplicity of the story and the old-fashioned family entertainment it delivers have struck a chord in a country direly in need of light relief.[18]

Released in June 2000, Sherina's Adventure sold 1.4 million tickets in six months and also has been seen by over a million people and has earned an estimated $723,000 - a fortune by the standards of the Indonesian cinema.[19] The people at Miles Production are delighted with the way things have turned out for them. They spent $241,000 on Sherina's Adventure.[8]

Sherina was Ambassador at the World Youth Conference, One Young World, in Zurich, Switzerland in September 2011. Even Sherina also created a special song for the event called Sing Your Mind.[20]


  • Andai Aku Besar Nanti (1999)
  • Petualangan Sherina (2000)
  • My Life (2004)
  • Primadona (2007)
  • Gemini (2009)
  • Tuna (2013)

Back-up vocal[edit]

  • Emily - "Salah Tingkah" (2012)


Ballet performance[edit]

  • Cinderella (2006)
  • The Nutcracker (2001)
  • Rama Shinta (2010)


  • Jiffest, RCTI (2001)
  • Narator Surat Sahabat, SCTV (2006)



Year Title Role Notes
2000 Petualangan Sherina Sherina Film debut

Judge performance[edit]

Sherina signed to be a judge on The Voice, which debuted on Indosiar in February 2013. Sherina serves as a coach, alongside fellow musicians Armand Maulana, Giring Ganesha and Glenn Fredly, with Darius Sinathriya and Fenita Arie as the show's host.[22]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Type Award Result
1999 Anugerah Musik Indonesia[23][24] Best Child Solo Singer Won
Best Child Song "(Andai Aku Besar Nanti)" Won
Best Children Album "(Andai Aku Besar Nanti)" Won
2000 Best Child Solo Singer Won
Best Child Song "(Lihatlah Lebih Dekat)" Won
Best Children Album "(Petualangan Sherina)" Won
2010 Anugerah Musik Indonesia[25] Best Female Solo Pop Nominated
Best Graphic Design Album "(Gemini)" Nominated
2011 Indigo Digital Music Awards[26] Best Social Media Artist Nominated
Dahsyatnya Awards[27] Terdahsyat Song "(Geregetan)" Nominated
Terdahsyat Solo Singer Nominated
Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids' Choice Awards[28] Favourite Female Singer Nominated


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