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For the British atheist, see Ariane Sherine. For other people with the given name, see Sherine (name).
Sherine in 2007
Background information
Birth name Sherine Ahmed Abdel Wahhab
Born (1980-10-08) October 8, 1980 (age 35)
Cairo, Egypt
Genres Arabic pop
Occupation(s) singer, actress
Instruments vocals
Years active 1998-present
Labels Free Music (1999-2006)
Rotana (2007-2012)
Nogoum Records (2013-present)
Associated acts Tamer Hosny

Sherine Ahmed Abdel Wahhab (Arabic: شيرين أحمد عبد الوهاب‎‎), mononymously known as Sherine (Arabic: شيرين‎‎), is an Egyptian singer and actress.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Sherine was born in 1980 in Cairo, Egypt.

She is married to the Egyptian composer and music distributor Mohammad Mustafa. The couple has two daughters.


Sherine began her music career in 2000 with the single "Ah Ya Leil". However, this was not her first song. She also performed with the singer Mohamed Mohey in a duet entitled "Enta Habib El Ain Wel Qalb" (Arabic: انتا حبيب العين والقلب‎‎), and also with Tamer Hosny.

In cinema, Sherine starred opposite Ahmed Helmy in Mido Mashakel (Arabic: ميدو مشاكل‎‎. The 2003 film was directed by Muhammad al-Najjar.

In late October 2014, following a conflict with Egyptian actor Sherif Mounir, which escalated into a legal issue, Sherine was sentenced to six-months in jail and a 500 Egyptian pounds fine (which is equal to around 70 US dollars).[2][3]

She also participated in the programme The Voice, And nicknamed the Queen of feelings, as one of the jury members.

In February 2016 there were reports that she had decided to retire[4] but this was reconsidered a few days later.[1]


  • Free Mix 3 with Tamer Hosny (2002) Label: Free Music Art Production
  • Garh Tany (translation: Another Wound) (2003) Label: Free Music Art Production
  • Lazem A'eesh (translation: I have to Live/Survive) (2005) Label: Free Music Art Production
  • Bataminak (I'm Reassuring You) (2008) Label: Rotana
  • Habeat (I Fell in Love) (2009) Label: Rotana
  • Esaal Alaya (Ask About Me) (2012) Label: Rotana
  • Ana Keteer (2014) Label: Nogoum Records
  • tareqe (2015)


  • "Ala Baly" (On my mind)
  • "Ah Ya Leil" (Oh, night!)
  • "Ma Btefrahsh" (You don't frolick)
  • "Enak" (About you)
  • "Sabri Aleel (Melody Remix)" (My patience is little)
  • "Baladi" ft. Muhammad Noor (My Country)
  • "Al'am Al Jadeed" ft. Fadl Shaker (The New Year)
  • "Mish 'Aiza Gheirak Inta" (I don't want anyone but you)
  • "Mish Hafdhal" (I won't keep on [like this])
  • "Ana Mish Beta'it El Kalam Dah" (This is not my thing!)
  • "Lebnan Fel Alb" (Dedicated to Lebanon) (Lebanon in the heart)
  • "Albi Leek" ft. Hany Shakir (My heart's for you)
  • "Ma Sherebtesh Mn Nelha" (Didn't you drink from its nile?)
  • "Bahibik Ya Omi" (I love you, oh Mother)
  • "Bekelma Menak" (With a single word from you)
  • "Akheran Etgaraat" (Finally, I dared)
  • "Mshaa'er" (Feelings)


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