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Sherine Tadros is a broadcast journalist, working for Sky News.

Previously she worked for Al Jazeera English as the channel's correspondent in Gaza before working as an anchor based in Doha, Qatar.


Tadros graduated with a degree in Middle East politics, and then took a master's degree in the same field.

She began her career with the Al-Arabiya network, working as a producer, before joining Al Jazeera in 2005.[1]

Gaza conflict[edit]

During the 2008–2009 Israel–Gaza conflict, Tadros and her Al Jazeera colleague Ayman Mohyeldin were the only journalists for the English-language news media reporting from inside Gaza. Foreign press access to Gaza was barred, both by Israel and by Egypt. However, as Al Jazeera English was unique, among English-language broadcasters, in maintaining a bureau in Gaza, Tadros and Mohyeldin were already inside the territory, and familiar with their turf, when the conflict began. They were therefore able to provide an original and important record of the conflict, unmatched by the rest of the global media.[2][3][4][5]

Arab Spring[edit]

She also covered the 2011 Egyptian revolution, as well as the uprisings in Libya and Yemen.


In 2012, Tadros was awarded the Breakaway Award, which spotlights promising younger journalists, at the 8th annual International Media Awards in London.[6]

In 2011, she also accepted, on behalf of Al Jazeera English, a Peabody Award presented for the coverage of the "Arab awakening".