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Sherkot is located in Uttar Pradesh
Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 29°21′N 78°35′E / 29.35°N 78.58°E / 29.35; 78.58Coordinates: 29°21′N 78°35′E / 29.35°N 78.58°E / 29.35; 78.58
Country  India
State Uttar Pradesh
District Bijnor
Founded by SherShah Suri
 • Type Democracy
 • Body Sherkot Nagar Palika Parishad
 • Chairman Qamrul Islam
Elevation 203 m (666 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 62,226
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 246747
Telephone code 01344
Vehicle registration UP 20

Sherkot , Urdu: شیرکوٹ‎),(Hindi: शेरकोट, is a city and Municipal board in the Bijnor of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


Sherkot, was founded by Emperor Sher Shah Suri, an Afghan ruler of the Sur Dynasty, who ruled North India from 1540 AD to 1545 AD after defeating Humayun, a Mughal emperor.[2] Under the reign of Akbar, it was the main town of the pargana region and was attacked in 1805 by Muhammad Amir Khan, a Pathan invader. Later, during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 it was the scene of battle between loyalists and rebels. The first Battle of Sherkot took place on 28 July 1857 and the second on 5 August.[3]

Up to 1844, it was headquarters of the tehsil, or district and later became a part of the Dhampur tehsil. In 1901, it had a population of 14,999 [4][5]


Sherkot is located at 29°21′N 78°35′E / 29.35°N 78.58°E / 29.35; 78.58.[6] It has an average elevation of 203 metres (666 feet).


  • Kho Barrage

Kho Barrage is only river in Sherkot. This is also known as RamGanga or Ramanga in local language. This river is useful for farmers in irrigation.


The Indian census of 2011 [7] showed that Sherkot had a population of 62,226 with males constituting 52% and females 48%. Sherkot has an average literacy rate of 58%, lower than the national average of 74.09% with male literacy at 62% and female 53%. 16% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Villages on the Kalagarh Road (NH-74)[edit]

  • Bhanoti Village
  • Hafsabad
  • Ledar Pur
  • Mubarakpur
  • Gamarhi
  • Bhutpuri
  • Akhbrabad
  • Bhikka Wala
  • Ramsa Wala
  • Alampur Gawari
  • Aaraji Kandla

Village Ledar Pur is about 6 km from Sherkot on the way to Kaalagarh on National Highway 74. Ramganga is about 2 km from this village toward Kaalagarh. It is a small village with no more than fifty houses. This village is combined with Mubarak Pur for the purpose of election of Graam Pradhan. Bhikkawala is a village, about 4 km from Sherkot. This village has its own Graam Pradhan. There is a Junior High School in this village. Aaraji Kandla is a village, about 7 km from Sherkot. This village has its own Graam Pradhan. There are two Junior High School in this village.

Further reading[edit]

  • Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan's History of the Bijnor Rebellion, by Sayyid Ahmad Khan. Published by Idarah-i Adabiyat-i Dlli, 1982.

Ex. Lt.AHMADULLAH KHAN Ancestors in the Military Capacity came down in SHERKOT,DISTT.BIJNOR in the U.P. with SHER SHAH SURI (Founder of Suri Dynasty & the Town) from Afganistan & settled here.Lt.Ahmadullah Khan was born 1858.After finishing his complete course of oriental classes he entered Medical Collage, Calcutta.there he ramained for four years,getting success in every Examination and ever topping the list.Entering an imborn ambition for Military Service, he readily grasped the opportunity of entering service in 31st Punjab Infantry & successively in 32nd pioneer ,20th (D.C.O.) Infantry,1st (D.Y.O.) lancers 16th Rajput Infantry,and 17th cavalry.This afforded in numerals chances to give prof his ZEAL VALOUR HONESTY,TACT & LOYALTY to th BRITISH CROWN and the GOVERNMENT. He took part in various WAR & BATTLES :-Kabul War (1878-79-80),Sikkim F.F (1888-89), Black Mountain (1891), Waziristan (1894-95),Tochi F.F. (1897-98), China (1900-01). plague duty Lahore cantonment (1903), Special duty in Dharmshala earthquake Kangra valley (1904).All his services in general & specially in SAVING THE LIVES OF TWO BRITISH OFFICERS at wano in 1894 in a darknight under a very heavy fire.during Kabul War, Sikkim.(F.F.) Black Mountain,Waziristan ,the plague at Lahore Cantt. and tha earthquake at Dharamshala were very highly appreciated by the Govt. as well as by the public. (1) Special promotion for good service in Kabul War. (2) Special promotion for good service rendered in Sikkim F.F. (3) 2nd Class Order of Merit for consipicous gallantry. In action at Ghazikot on the Black Mountain (Hazara) on 19 March 1891, on which occasional not with standing his being exposed to heavy fire he performed his duties of attending to the wounded in a most energetic manner & also defended a wounded man against a fanatic who rushed up and endevoured to kill him. (4) Good and Meritorious Service rendered with Waziristan delimitation escort were recognized by the India in his Letter No.3106 Dated 03-10-1895. (5)Order of the British India 2nd Class & the Title of Bahadur for long and faithful service (G.G.No 941 Dated 11-09-03). (6) Order of British India 1st Class with the Title of Sardar Bahadur (E.G.I. No.4 Dated 01-01-09). (7) Assignment of Land Revenue of an aggregate value of Rs.600/- in the Bijnor Distt. for three Generations A.D.No.82 E Dated 16-12-1907. (8) The Honour of Presents arms was given under the Order of Colonel L.C. Dunsterville Commanding 20th (D.C.O.).Infantry on his transfer from the Regiment at Dera Ismail Khan (29-01-09). (9) Complimentry [sic] Order No. 91 Dated 30-01-1909 by the officer Commanding 20th (D.C.O.) Infantry on his transfer Commanding his 18 years service with the following Remark :- "It is with the regret that I place on record the transfer of his MOST TRUE TRUST WORTHY AND DISTINGUISHED Native Gentleman, who has been connected with the brownlows Punjabies for the last 18 years and has served with them in three expenditions.In him the regiment lose the services of a MOST ABLE MAN and the British and native officers lose a VALUED FRIEND" (10) Specially presented by H.E. the C in C to his most Imperial Majesty. George V King & Emperor of India under Royal Invitation, at Delhi Darbar 1911. (11) A Darbar Medal. (12) Sword of Honour and Khillat Presented as a very special case in recognition of very exceptional services rendered to the Government of India. (13) The Rank of Hon’y Lieutenant 22 May 1919 (E.G.O. No.360). He served in the Army for 37 years. Even after his retirement he been doing numerous public Services, viz. fighting Non-Cooperation Propaganda of 1921-22, helping in every possible way the afflicted people of his locality . during the flood of 1924 and assisting the District authorities in maintaining order and peace during the disturbed feeling of various communities on the different religious festivals in 1924. His public services were recognized as under. Granted the power of Magistrate. (2) A Jagir of 100/- with Sanads (Dated 02-02-1921). (3) A Sanad presented by the Commissioner of the Division (Dated 24-04-1922). (4) Letter of appreciation of services from the head of the Distt.Bijnor (Dated 04-11-1924), his motto during and even after service has been "TRUE SALVATION & HAPPINESS LIFE IN REGARDING LIFE IMMETERIAL WHILE SERVING THE KING & DEFENDING HIS INTEREST" Brigade Surgeon Radok,Colonel Hatcheson I.M.S. Sir B. Bromhead Bart, C.B. Colonel W.E.Griffith,I.M.S. Colonel E Hugo,I.M.S. Lt.General Woon, Col. Walker, Major General L.C. Dunsterville, Col.H.W.R.Senior, Col.J. Shearer,I.M.S.,P.M.O. Col.Hugues, I.M.S. Col.W.D.H.Stevenson,I.M.S. Col.A.Cameron,I.M.S. Col.W.E.Brierly,I.M.S. Major General E.Edward, I.M.S. Col. Fordham and his Excellency Field Marshal Sir Wilam Riddle Birdwood late C.Hold a very high opinion of him.