Sherman Mine

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Sherman Mine
Sherman Mine East Pit.jpg
East Pit of Sherman Mine. This image was taken from a cliff in the middle of the pit.
Sherman Mine is located in Ontario
Sherman Mine
Sherman Mine
Location in Ontario
Location Temagami
Province Ontario
Country Canada
Coordinates 47°4′14.48″N 79°51′59.83″W / 47.0706889°N 79.8666194°W / 47.0706889; -79.8666194Coordinates: 47°4′14.48″N 79°51′59.83″W / 47.0706889°N 79.8666194°W / 47.0706889; -79.8666194
Products Iron
Production 84,603,516 long tons (85,961,141 t)
Opened 1968
Closed 1990

Sherman Mine is a large abandoned open pit mine in Temagami, Ontario, Canada. It was a major producer of iron ore. The mine was the source of a multi-ton boulder of banded iron formation and was mined from 1968 until 1990 by Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company. This 2.2 billion year old formation consists of thin layers of sediment that were deposited in a marine environment and subsequently metamorphosed. Sherman Mine is the largest open pit mine in Temagami, consisting of seven open pits known as the East Pit, South Pit, North Pit, West Pit and the Turtle Pits.


Its mineralogy records a time in the early Earth's history when the atmosphere and oceans contained significantly less oxygen than their present day counterparts.

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