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Sherston Software, also known as Sherston Publishing Group is a British software publisher, producing educational games. Set up by two teachers, Bill and Lou Bonham, in 1983, they started making their first games for the BBC Micro. The company became a limited company in 1991.

In 2003, Bill and Lou sold Sherston to a four-man management team, which led to the company being called Sherston Publishing Group. Russ Mabon, Jamie Bayliss, Paul Hollin and Andy Frances. In 2008 the offices in Angel House, Sherston also became home to BLi Education which owned the brands TAG Learning, Economatics Education and SEMERC. TAG Developments (based in Kennington, London) is also part of the group and produces MAPS - Managed Assessment and ePortfolio System, which features some Sherston software content. In difficult trading conditions in the education market in 2010 and 2011 BLi Education went into Administration but many of the assets were acquired by Sherston Publishing Group which now operates once again under the 'Sherston' name.

Sherston currently employs over 40 staff in its office in Trivandrum, India. An associate company, Sherston Sheshani operates out of an office in Cape Town South Africa. Sherston also has an office in the US (Sherston America) based in Portland, Oregon.

Sherston Software also publishes software in association with partners including BBC Worldwide (now BBC Active), HarperCollins and Oxford University Press.


  • Planet Sherston
  • Rusty Dreamer[1]
  • Tizzy's Toybox
  • Crystal: The ICT Channel
  • Gogglebox: Topic Based Online Channel
  • Sherston Mega Deal
  • Sherston Online
  • Sherston Skill Builders Online
  • The Crystal Rain Forest
  • The ArcVenture series
  • The Map Detectives
  • The Email Detectives
  • Izzy's Island
  • abc-CD - Animated Alphabet
  • Skill Builders
  • School's Out - After School Club
  • 123-CD
  • The Crystal Maze (based on the popular British TV game show The Crystal Maze)
  • Furbles
  • Space Mission Mada (later to be adapted in to Australian TV show Space Mission Mada News)
  • Tina's Terrible Trumpet
  • The Worst Witch (based on the book The Worst Witch)


  1. ^ Drage, Chris (January 3, 1997). "A CD to be treasured". Times Educational Supplement. Retrieved November 10, 2011. RUSTY DREAMER CD-Rom for Acorn Risc OS, Apple Mac and Windows Multimedia PCs, Pounds 58.69 Sherston Software [...] brings a new dimension to educational multimedia. 

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