Sheth Purushottamdas Harjivandas Vidyalaya

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Sheth Purushottamdas Harjivandas Vidyalaya (Sanskar Bharti or Sanskarbharti) is a school situated near Dudhiya Talaw in Navsari district of Gujarat state of India.

The school has three buildings: one for primary school (grade 1 to 7), and the other two for high school (grade 8 to 12). This is one of a very few educational institute in Navsari, which has all 1 to 12 grades. Student who wish to stay in the city normally move on to Garda college for post secondary education.

Sanskarbharti is located at a very beautiful place in Navsari. The high school's main entrance faces Dudhiya Talaw, which is a very beautiful lake. The rear entrance or rather the entrance for primary school students faces the richest neighbourhood of Navsari. This neighbourhood has many beautiful houses, and a very peaceful environment.