Shevaroy Hills

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People of the Malaiyali tribe, in the Shevaroy Hills (1860s).

The Servarayan hills (Tamil: சேர்வராயன் மலை), with the anglicised name Shevaroy Hills, are a low mountain range near the town of Salem, in Tamil Nadu state, eastern India.

The local Tamil name comes from a local deity, Servarayan, which means Chera king [1] .


The Servarayans are detached low mountain range, of the Eastern Ghats System. They cover an area of 400 square kilometres (99,000 acres), with plateaus from 4,000–5,000 feet (1,200–1,500 m) above sea-level.

The main town in the Shevaroy Hills is Yercaud.


The Servarayan hills have several old coffee plantations, and a sanatorium.

The major areas of tourist interest are the Yercaud Orchidarium of the Botanical Survey of India, and the old coffee estates.


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