Sheykh ol-Eslam's House

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Sheykh ol-Eslam's House
خانه شیخ الاسلام
Sheykh ol-Eslam's House is located in Iran
Sheykh ol-Eslam's House
Location within Iran
General information
Status Cultural
Type House
Location Isfahan, Iran
Coordinates 32°39′53″N 51°40′18″E / 32.6647°N 51.6718°E / 32.6647; 51.6718Coordinates: 32°39′53″N 51°40′18″E / 32.6647°N 51.6718°E / 32.6647; 51.6718

The Sheykh ol-Eslam's house is a historical house in Isfahan, Iran. Built during the Qajar era, the house is built on the northern and southern sides of the large yard. The reason for this unusual plan, which is completely different from other historical houses in Isfahan, is that the yard had been built originally as a Tekyeh for religious ceremonies. The main parts of the structure are on the southern side of the yard behind a veranda. Stucco, decorations with cut mirrors and muqarnas have made this part of the house much more prominent. There is a big reception hall with two rooms behind the southern veranda, and there is a Howz and two small flower garden opposite the northern veranda. In the southwestern part of the house, there is a small courtyard, which is connected to the main courtyard by a narrow corridor. [1]

The house is open to the public from 8:30 until 14:15 every day except Fridays and all public holidays.[1]


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