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Shi-kuo Chang (Chinese: 張系國; pinyin: Zhāng Xīgūo; Wade–Giles: Chang1 Hsi1-kuo1) is a computer scientist and writer famous for his science fiction writing. Chang was born in Chongqing in 1944 and grew up in Taiwan. After graduating from National Taiwan University, he first came to the United States in 1966 as a student at University of California, Berkeley, in Computer Science. He teaches computer science at the University of Pittsburgh.

Major works[edit]

Science fiction short stories collection[edit]

  • Nebula Suite
  • Nocturne
  • Golden Silk Dress
  • Glass World

Science fiction novels[edit]

S. K. Chang, John Balcom tr., . The City Trilogy : Five Jade Disks, Defenders of the Dragon City, Tale of a Feather. (New York: Columbia University Press, Modern Chinese Literature from Taiwan, 2003). ISBN 0231128525. Google Book

Short stories in translation[edit]

"Red Boy" in Joseph S. M. Lau. The Unbroken Chain : An Anthology of Taiwan Fiction since 1926 (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1983). ISBN 0253361621.

Other novels[edit]

  • Chess King
  • The Authorized Biography of Pastor Pi (Chang's first published novel)
  • Anger of Yesterday
  • Water of Yellow River
  • Spy Catcher (Working with Ping Lu)


"Realism in Taiwan fiction: two directions," in Jeannette L. Faurot. Chinese Fiction from Taiwan : Critical Perspectives. (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, Studies in Chinese Literature and Society, 1980). ISBN 0253124093.


External links[edit]

Dr. Chang's University of Pittsburgh site: [1]

For a listing of his publications, see [2]