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Shi De Yang
Shi De Yang.jpg
Grand Master Shi De Yang
Shi Wanfeng

Taikang, Henan, China
Family31st Generation Shaolin Monk

Shi De Yang (释德杨), born Shi Wanfeng (史万峰; Taikang, 1968) is a Chinese Buddhist priest said to be the 31st Grand Master of the fighting monks (wǔsēng 武僧) of the Shaolin Monastery.[1][2] Shi De Yang is globally considered one of the greatest present exponents of traditional Shaolin culture.


Shi Wanfeng (史万峰) was born in Taikang County. He was disciple of Shi Suxi for almost 30 years, studying the "Three Shaolin Treasures” : Chan (religion), Wu (martial arts) and Yi (traditional medicine). In August 1991 he began to work as the head coach of the Shaolin Warrior Monks.[3]

De Yang is currently the vice president of the Association of study of Shaolin Kung Fu in China and assessor of the International Shaolin Kung Fu & Wushu Federation. He is headmaster of Shaolin Temple International Wushu Institute (中国少林寺国际武术学院) registered by the Henan Province and Zhengzhou City governments in Dengfeng in 1980. He is also one of the instructors at Dengfeng Wuseng Houbeidui (Shàolínsì Wǔsēng Hòubèiduì 少林寺武僧后备队) in China and the Europe Branch Shaolin Cultural Center in Italy and Switzerland. He is involved in transmitting traditional Shaolin kung fu around the world. Countries that he has visited include Italy, England, Hungary, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, and Canada. Several schools around the world have affiliated to the Shaolin Temple.

Early life[edit]

Shi De Yang was born in a town called Taikang, at the Henan province in China. As a child he was influenced by his neighbor who used to be a Shaolin Monk, the stories of the elder at the temple introduced him to the Shaolin Kung Fu. Despite De Yang's family negative he got admitted at the Shaolin Temple.[citation needed]

Shaolin Grand Masters Shi De Yang (right) and Shi De Ru (left), close disciples of the Great Master Shi Suxi.
Shaolin Grand Master Shi De Yang in his Shaolin Temple room with disciples Shi Xing Mi (right) and Shi Xing Qiu (left).

Martial Arts Career[edit]

He studied kung fu under Shi Su Xi,


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