Shi Yuejun

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Shi.
Shi Yuejun
Shi Yuejun.jpg
Shi Yuejun
Born (1971-03-05)5 March 1971
Liuhe County, PR China
Died 20 December 2006(2006-12-20) (aged 35)
Tonghua, Jilin Province, PR China
Cause of death Execution
Criminal penalty Death
Motive Revenge for humiliation
Date 24–29 September 2006
Location(s) Liuhe County and Tonghua County, China
Killed 12
Injured 5
Weapons Knife

Shi Yuejun (Chinese: 石悦军; pinyin: Shí Yuèjūn; 5 March 1971 – 20 December 2006) was a Chinese mass murderer and spree killer known as the "Jilin butcher", who murdered 12 people and wounded five others in Liuhe County and Tonghua County, Jilin Province between 24 September and 29 September 2006. He was sentenced to death on 25 November the same year and executed about a month later.


Shi was born in Liuhe County, China, on 5 March 1971. He was a resident of Tonggou village (通沟村) in Liunan Township and worked as a butcher.[1] His wife described him as an introverted person who was unwilling to interact with other people, and was prone to brooding after conflicts with others.

Two months prior to the murders, he visited a psychiatrist in Tonghua, which improved his mood, and he and his wife afterwards made trips to Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou.[2]


On the morning of 24 September 2006, Shi drove to Ermi in Tonghua County where he killed Li Zhenjun in his home, as well as Wang Yuliang, a health inspector who had once punished him. He also killed Wang's wife and parents, and wounded Wang Yuhong, one of Wang's relatives, with a stab wound to the abdomen, when he tried to intervene and attacked Shi with a shovel. Shi then drove to Liunan Township in Liuhe County, where he killed shop owner Liu Guohua, who had refused to sell his meat. He also wounded Liu's wife, as well as a man named Wang Gangyin, who had paid him low wages. He then proceeded to Sanyuanpu, where he killed shop owner and slaughterhouse supervisor Yu Hongyong, who had also punished him, wounded Yu's wife, and then fled.

Shi was soon identified by police as the culprit, roadblocks were set up in the area, and a reward of 100,000 yuan was offered by Tonghua police for clues about the murderer's whereabouts. On 27 September, Shi murdered Sun Honglian and his wife, who were living secluded on a mountain near Tonggou and escaped again, while 2,000 police officers rushed to the crime scene. On 28 September, the Ministry of Public Security issued a Class-A warrant and offered a reward of 50,000 yuan for information that would lead to his arrest.[1]

Being hunted by 2,000 police officers and 12,000 other people, including militia, armed police, and local residents, Shi killed three villagers and wounded another in Lujiabao (吕家堡村) near Liunan Township in the morning of September 29. He was eventually captured in a nearby cornfield around noon on the same day. He was brought to Changchun, where he confessed to the murders.[2][3][4]

Shi, who was said to have had psychological problems,[5] described his motive as "revenge for the humiliations that he suffered by the society".[6]



  • Li Zhenjun (李振军)
  • Wang Yuliang (王玉良)
  • Wang Yuliang's wife
  • Wang Yuliang's father
  • Wang Yuliang's mother
  • Liu Guohua (刘国华)
  • Yu Hongyong (于宏勇)
  • Sun Honglian (孙洪连), 45
  • Sun Honglian's wife
  • Three unnamed people


  • Wang Yuhong
  • Liu Guohua's wife
  • Wang Gangyin (王刚因)
  • Yu Hongyong's wife
  • An unnamed person

Trial and execution[edit]

After pleading guilty to the murder spree, Shi was convicted of intentional homicide and sentenced to death on 25 November 2006.[7][8][9] He was executed at Tonghua on 20 December of that same year.[6]


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