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Shia Islam in Algeria is composed of minority Shia Muslim community of Algeria.[1][better source needed]

History and culture[edit]

Traditionally, there have been very few Shias in Algeria, except for those who were around in the Middle Ages, although there are a few native Shias and some converts. Western Algeria was part of Zaydi Shia Idrisid dynasty state when Idris II died in 828 CE.[2] The Ismaili Shia Fatimid state originated among the Kutama people of Algeria. The dynasty was founded in 909 CE by Abdullah al-Mahdi Billah, who in the late 9th century started a movement among the Kutama Berbers and managed to convert them to Shia Islam. In the Middle Ages local Berber dynasties adopted Shia Islam.[3] According to Shia sources recently, the region has allegedly seen an increasing popular interest in Shia Islam.[4]

The following Shia Muslim observances are commemorated in Algeria:[5]

Population estimates[edit]

The Shia population of Algeria is estimated to be between one half to two percent of the total Muslim population of Algeria.[citation needed] According to Pew Forum, it is less than one percent[6][dead link] while as per Imam Husayn (as) Encyclopedia the population of Shia in Algeria is around two percent of the total Muslim population of Algeria.[7][dead link]


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