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Shiboleth LLP
Limited Liability Partnership
Industry Law
Founded New York City (1976)
Headquarters New York City
Key people
Partners: Amnon Shiboleth, Oren Heiman, Alon Harnoy, Liraz Geva, Sasha (Alexander) Bau, Moty Ben Yona
Products Legal advice
Number of employees
25 in NY office

Shiboleth LLP is a boutique law firm based in midtown Manhattan, in New York City, with an active international practice. The firm has been recognized as having top-ranked practices in corporate, litigation, real estate, high-tech and Intellectual Property (IP). The firm has been active in New York since 1976, and merged with the Heiman Law Group in 2006, creating the largest Israeli-based law firm in North America.[1] The firm maintains two affiliate offices, Shibolet & Co.,[2] which is a top-tier law firm in Israel,[3][4] and a representative office in Shanghai, China, which was the first Israeli law firm in China.

Practice Specialty[edit]

Main practice groups:

  • Corporation
  • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Tax, Trust and Estates
  • Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy

Key people[edit]

Amnon Shiboleth

Amnon Shiboleth is one of the founders and the Senior Partner of Shiboleth.[5] He established the firm in New York office in 1976.[6] He led the first "meaningful" law firm merger in Israel, when a law firm office led by him and Richard Roberts was merged with the law firm of Yisraeli Zisman.[7] In 2008 Shiboleth was selected as one of the most successful Israeli lawyers in the U.S. by The Marker, a leading financial publication in Israel.[8] Shiboleth is involved as a lawyer or a principal in numerous international and domestic business ventures. He is the Chairman of the Board of Blue City, one of the largest shopping malls in Poland, and was the Chairman of the Board of Millennium Plaza, a luxury office building in Warsaw, Poland. He is a board member of companies in various jurisdictions such as the Netherlands (primarily financial and legal entities); Portugal (primarily financial and tourism entities); Hungary and Switzerland (primarily holding investment entities); as well as other locations, and represents interests of shareholders and beneficial owners in several countries.[9]

Oren Heiman

Oren Heiman became the Managing Partner of Shiboleth when his law firm, Heiman Law Group, merged with Shiboleth in 2006.[1] His practice focuses on commercial law, including corporate, mergers & acquisitions, corporate financing, contracts, intellectual property; litigation and commercial real estate.[10] Beside his role as partner at Shiboleth, Heiman is actively involved in the Israeli business community in New York and is a founder, supporting member, executive or board member in over a dozen organizations including Elem, American Friends of Rabin Medical Center, Israeli Business Circles, Dor Chadash, New Israel Fund, Israeli Venture Network, American-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Larger than Life (the Israeli 'Make a Wish' foundation), Tel Aviv Alumni and the American Friends of the Israeli Opera. Heiman is regularly invited to lecture at conventions, gives interviews about his practice as an attorney in New York[11] and writes about legal matters and how to combine business and philanthropy.

Alon Harnoy

Alon Harnoy is a Partner and the Head of the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Group at Shiboleth LLP. His practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, commercial and corporate finance transactions, equity and venture capital investments, secured and unsecured finance transactions, joint ventures as well as general corporate and commercial matters.[12]

Sasha (Alexander) Bau

Alexander “Sasha” Bau is a Partner at Shiboleth LLP. Sasha multidisciplinary practice encompasses corporate, real estate and intellectual property legal fields, including litigation in such fields. Sasha represents clients in a multitude of corporate and finance matters, including commercial real estate investments, contracts, as well as a wide variety of regulatory compliance and administrative law matters.[13]

Moty Ben Yona

Moty Ben Yona is a Partner at Shiboleth LLP. Moty represents clients in a broad range of business and commercial transactions, with a concentration on Venture Capital and Hi-Tech transactions, Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisitions, commercial and corporate finance transactions, and general corporate representation. Moty serves domestic and foreign clients, including multinational corporations, private equity funds, real estate investment companies, venture lending funds, emerging companies, entrepreneurs as well as other private companies and individuals.[14]

Liraz Geva

Liraz Geva is a Partner at Shiboleth LLP. Her practice focuses on commercial and residential real estate acquisitions, financing and leases, condominium law, corporate law, labor law and commercial contracts.[15] Liraz became a partner at Shiboleth at the age of 28 and, at the age of 29, was chosen by Globes magazine in Israel as one of the successful women in New York under the age of 40.[16] She is involved in the Israeli business community in New York and leads a circle for Israeli business women in New York and New Jersey. Liraz provides pro-bono legal services to organizations dealing with the empowerment of Israeli women and connecting between the real estate community and philanthropy.


  • 1973 – Shibolet & Co. established
  • 1976 – Shiboleth LLP is established in New York .[9]
  • 1987 – Shibolet Israel merges with the Israeli Law Firm of Yisraeli and Zisman.[7]
  • 2006 – Shiboleth New York merges with Heiman Law Group, becoming Shiboleth LLP, and moves to One Penn Plaza[1][17]


Shiboleth is a correspondent and columnist for legal issues, in major Israeli publications in the United States, including Yediot America and TaxUsa.Shiboleth publishes its own newsletter, The Shiboleth Times[18] and the listing Avoda B'Ivrit, which provided information for Israelis in New York and helps to bring together Israeli employers with employees in the U.S.

  • Avoiding A Common Pitfall For Restaurants Organized As LLCS by: Joshua Levin-Epstein[19]
  • What Municipal Bonb Investors Should Know About The Detroitt Municipal Bankruptcy by: Joshua Levin-Epstein[19]
  • Raising Investment Capital Online: Proposed Rules On Crowfunding by: Sabari Bagchi[19]
  • The Yellowstone Injunction by: Robert A. Rosenberg[19]
  • Understanding Employee Stock Option Plans: Tax Implications & Practical Cconsiderations by: Moty Ben Yona & Meital Dror[19]
  • Set The Record Straight: Why Employee Handbooks Are A Necessary And A Valuable Tool by: Sasha Bau & Danielle Comanducci[19]
  • Coming To America by: Alon Harnoy & Meital Dror[19]
  • Remedies Awarded In Breach Of Contract Actions In The US by: Daniel Faizakoff & Daniel Goldstein[19]
  • What Every Interactive Online Business Should Know About The Digital Millennium Copyright Act And Its Safe Harbor Protection by: Sasha Bau & Danielle Comanducci[19]
  • Implications of Liquidation Preferences and Participating Preferred Stock on Distribution of Sale Proceeds by Alon Harnoy & Moty Ben Yona[19]
  • Fiduciary Duties In Connection With The Sale Of A Delaware Limited Liability Company by: Alon Harnoy & Robert Rosenberg[19]
  • The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act by: Alon Harnoy & Meital Dror[19]
  • Jumpstart The Startup by: Meital Dror[19]


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