Shibusashirazu Orchestra

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Shibusashirazu Orchestra
Shibusashirazu Orchestra in 2005
Background information
Native name 渋さ知らズ
Origin Japan
Genres Jazz
Years active 1989 (1989)–present
Labels Avex Trax

Shibusashirazu (渋さ知らズ, Shibusashirazu, roughly, "we don't understand/are unaffected by cool"), often lengthened to Shibusashirazu Orchestra, is a popular Japanese jazz orchestra. The group was formed in 1989 by bassist Daisuke Fuwa and since then many of Japan's jazz musicians, Butoh dancers and other performance artists have passed through the orchestra.

The majority of the group's original work is composed and arranged by Daisuke Fuwa. Their style stems from the jazz movement of the 60s, with the influence of 80s punk and No Wave. Although featuring extended free improvisation, there is also an element of rock music that makes the orchestra more accessible to a wider audience than a lot of other free jazz.

In 2007 they signed to Avex Trax, one of Japan's leading labels for commercial pop and dance music.

The orchestra performed four times in a row at the annual Fuji Rock Festival from 2000 and have performed at the Glastonbury Festival in 2002 and 2016. They tour Europe frequently although are not well known in the United States.

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