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The Japan Bloodhorse Breeding Association (Japanese: 日本軽種馬協会, or JBBA) is a public company established to manage the racehorse breeding industry in Japan.

It was founded in 1946 as the Thoroughbred Corporation Association, and was later renamed. The JBBA offers many programs to help small-time thoroughbred breeders around the country. The stallions that they offer are often subsidized so that every breeder has an opportunity to breed to top stallions.

Other than stallions, the JBBA also offers:

  • Financial aid for importing mares
  • Financial aid to update breeding and training facilities
  • Farm management support and training
  • Operate the Japan Bloodstock Information System
  • Organizing and marketing public sales of thoroughbred horses
  • Educating people who want to work in the breeding industry
  • Promoting racing through awards and sponsoring races
  • Publishing industry news and statistics
  • Providing information to racing fans about racehorse breeding
  • Lobbying the government and racing authorities for the interests of the breeders
  • Participating in international breeding and racing conferences


Shizunai Stallion Station[edit]

The Shizunai Stallion Station was opened in 1963 in Shizunai, Hokkaido. It is 652,600 square metres and holds 15 stallions.[1] The following horses are held there:

Iburi Stallion Station[edit]

In Iburi, Hokkaido, it holds the following horses:

Shichinohe Stallion Station[edit]

Shichinohe Stallion Station was opened in 1962 and covers 16,700 square meters in Shichinohe, Aomori. It holds four stallions.[1] The following horses are stabled there:

Nasu Stallion Station[edit]

In Nasu, Tochigi, the following horses are held there:

Kyūshū Stallion Station[edit]

The Kyushu Stallion Station was opened in 1964 and covers 42,300 square meters in Kagoshima, Kyūshū. It has stables for four stallions.[1] The following horses are stabled there:

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