Shidu, Beijing

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Shidu river (2730645561).jpg
Coordinates: 39°38′22″N 115°35′00″E / 39.63944°N 115.58333°E / 39.63944; 115.58333Coordinates: 39°38′22″N 115°35′00″E / 39.63944°N 115.58333°E / 39.63944; 115.58333
Country People's Republic of China
Municipality Beijing
District Fangshan
Village-level divisions 21 villages
Elevation 164 m (538 ft)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 102411
Area code(s) 0010

Shidu (Chinese: 十渡; pinyin: Shídù) is a town in Fangshan District in far southwestern Beijing,[1] around 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from the border with Hebei. Shidu, literally the "Tenth Crossing", is located in the valley of the meandering Juma River and so named because accessing the town is said to require crossing the river ten times. Shidu is known for the surrounding karst landscape, the largest in northern China, that is created by the Juma River cutting through the Taihang Mountain. The elevation of Shidu varies from 84.2 to 1,210.8 metres (276 to 3,972 ft) above the sea level.[2] As of 2011, it had 21 villages under its administration.[3]

The Beijing–Yuanping Railway has a station in Shidu.

Mountains of Shidu

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