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Shift may refer to:

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]




Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

  • Shift (magazine), a former Canadian technology and culture magazine
  • Shift (MSNBC), an online live-streaming video network
  • Shift (sculpture), an outdoor sculpture by American artist Richard Serra located in King City, Ontario, Canada



Mathematics and computing[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Shift (clothing), a simple kind of undergarment or dress
  • Shift (weapon), an improvised knife used as a weapon
  • Gear shift, a lever to change gear in a vehicle
  • Paradigm shift, a change in basic assumptions within the ruling theory of science
  • Blueshift, any decrease in wavelength, with a corresponding increase in frequency, of an electromagnetic wave
  • Redshift, a phenomenon that occurs when light seen coming from an object that is moving away is proportionally increased in wavelength, or shifted, to the red end of the spectrum
  • Shapeshifting, a common theme in mythology, folklore, and fairy tales
  • Shift vector, in ADM formalism of General Relativity
  • Shifting, Hiberno-English slang for making out
  • Tax shift, a fiscal policy

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