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Shift Inc.
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded June 1999 (June 1999)
Headquarters Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
Products Devil Dice Gods Eater Burst

Shift is a Japanese independent video game development company founded in June 1999. The company has developed various games on home and portable[1] consoles, cell phones,[2] and smart phones.[3]

Their first release was Devil Dice for the PlayStation.[4] The latest release was God Eater 2, which was released for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita on November 14, 2013 in Japan.[5]

Games developed[edit]

Game Title Release Platform Notes
Devil Dice June, 1998 PlayStation
Xi Jumbo December 22, 1999 PlayStation Released only in Japan and Asia
Bombastic December 19, 2002 PlayStation 2
Ape Academy 2 December 15, 2005 PlayStation Portable Released only in Japan, Europe, and Australia
Xi Colosseum March 9, 2006 PlayStation Portable Released only in Japan
Ape Quest March 19, 2009 PlayStation Portable Released only on PSN outside Japan
God Eater February 4, 2010 PlayStation Portable Released only in Japan
And-Kensaku April 29, 2010 Wii Released only in Japan
Gods Eater Burst October 28, 2010 PlayStation Portable Expanded Version of God Eater, released internationally
God Eater 2 November 14, 2013 PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita 35/40 and 38/40 rating on Famitsu, PSP and Vita, respectively [6]
Freedom Wars June 26, 2014 PlayStation Vita Developed with SCE Japan Studio and Dimps
God Eater 2: Rage Burst February 19, 2015 PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and PC Expanded Version of God Eater 2
God Eater Resurrection October 29, 2015 PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and PC Remake of God Eater
Code Vein 2018 PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC


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