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Shift time refers to the time interval between gear changes in a transmission. This interval is the time in which power delivery is interrupted and engine speed is reduced or increased to synchronize speed for the next selected gear. Shift time is usually in reference to motor vehicles but can apply to any gearbox. Reducing shift time is important in performance vehicles or race cars because the shifting process generally interrupts power delivery to the wheels. Shift time in a manual gearbox is dependent on the driver, but in automatic or automated manual cars the electronic or hydraulic control system must be calibrated and tuned to deliver a fast gear change.

Generally, a dual-clutch transmission (DCT) automatic shifts faster than a standard hydraulic automatic transmission with a torque converter, or a single-clutch automated manual transmission. This is possible because the DCT can pre-select the next gear change and switch between two separate clutches to the next pre-determined gear, thus reducing shift times. Using a freewheel may reduce shift time as it may not be necessary to use the clutch. A shift kit is also intended to reduce the shift time of a manual vehicle.

In a manual transmission car, shift time for upshifts can be reduced by installing a lighter flywheel. During an up-shift the engine speed must fall for the same vehicle speed; a lighter flywheel will allow the engine speed to drop more quickly when it is unloaded leading to shorter shift times.

Shift times[edit]

  • A long shift time is considered anything over 625 ms[1]
  • The average manual car driver: 500 ms - 1 s (vertical gear changes e.g. 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th): 1s - 2s horizontal gear changes (2nd - 3rd, 4th - 5th, 6th - 7th). As well shift times can change depending on gear throws (distance between gears), its easement of movement, ergonomics of lever and age of gearbox.[citation needed]
  • For reference, the time it takes for a human to blink can be as quick as 100ms[2] (.1 seconds).
  • The list below only refers to the fastest up-shift time.
  • Please note that manufacturers may have different definitions of shift times, and some times below are not properly cited. List may not be complete.

Official gearbox shift times (fastest to slowest):

Other Mentions:

*This is an impossibly fast claim which is widely seen on the internet. This number most likely refers to the gear engagement time of the dual clutch transmission, which is the time it takes for the shift fork to select the next requested gear. Actual Up-shift time for the VW DSG and Porsche PDK may be closer to 200ms.

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