Shifting Through the Breakers

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Shifting Through the Breakers
M finlay cover shifting pop.jpg
Studio album by Morgan Finlay
Released 2007
Genre Pop
Morgan Finlay chronology
Everything Will Work Out Right
(2005)Everything Will Work Out Right2005
Shifting Through the Breakers

Shifting Through the Breakers is the second studio album released by Canadian singer and songwriter Morgan Finlay. It was released in 2007.[1][2][3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "(in)Security"
  2. "Merge"
  3. "Night at the Mercury"
  4. "Sound of Industry"
  5. "Bei dir sein"
  6. "I Meant to Get You Back"
  7. "Mourir d'envie"
  8. "Take the Edge off"
  9. "Mescaline"
  10. "Blessing and Burning"


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