Shigefumi Matsuzawa

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Shigefumi Matsuzawa
松沢 成文
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture
In office
23 April 2003 – 23 April 2011
Preceded by Hiroshi Okazaki
Succeeded by Yūji Kuroiwa
Personal details
Born (1958-04-02) April 2, 1958 (age 57)
Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Alma mater Keio University

Shigefumi Matsuzawa (松沢 成文 Matsuzawa Shigefumi?, born April 2, 1958) is the governor of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. A native of Kawasaki, Kanagawa and graduate of Keio University, he had served in the assembly of Kanagawa Prefecture for two terms since 1987 and in the House of Representatives in the Diet of Japan for three terms since 1993. He was first elected governor of Kanagawa prefecture in 2003. During his time as a graduate student at the Matsushita School of Government, Matsuzawa lived in Frederick, Maryland for a year and worked in the office of then-U. S. Congresswoman Beverly Byron (D-MD), studying the 1984 U.S. presidential election, which became the subject of a book he wrote and published in Japan in 1985.


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