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Shigeyoshi Suzuki (鈴木重吉, Suzuki Shigeyoshi, 25 June 1900 – 8 October 1976) was a Japanese film director and screenwriter.

Born in Tokyo, Suzuki graduated from Meiji University and entered the Shōchiku studio in 1925.[1] He debuted as a director the next year with Tsuchi ni kagayaku, a film starring Denmei Suzuki.[1] He later moved to Teikoku Kinema and scored a major hit with What Made Her Do It? (1930), a leftist tendency film about the social causes of a single woman's sufferings.[1] He later worked at many studios, including Fuji Eiga and the Manchuria Film Association, and in many genres, including documentary.[1] A largely complete print of What Made Her Do It? was discovered in a Russian archive in the 1990s and restored.[2] It was released on DVD in Japan with English subtitles in 2008.

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