Shighnan District

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This article is about the region. For other uses, see Shughni (disambiguation).
Shighnan District
شهرستان شغنان Ноҳияи Шиғнони
Afghanistan Badakhshan Shighnan district location.PNG
Coordinates: 37°37′0″N 71°27′0″E / 37.61667°N 71.45000°E / 37.61667; 71.45000Coordinates: 37°37′0″N 71°27′0″E / 37.61667°N 71.45000°E / 37.61667; 71.45000
Country  Afghanistan
Province Badakhshan Province
Capital Shughnan
 • Land 1,362 sq mi (3,528 km2)
 • Total 27,750
Time zone UTC+4:30

Shighnan District (Persian: شهرستان سغنان‎‎)-Tajik: Ноҳияи Шиғнони) is one of the 28 districts of Badakhshan Province in eastern Afghanistan. It is part of the history region of Shighnan that is today divided between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The district borders the North East with River Panj and  Tajikistan, of the West with Districts Maimay, West-South with Raghistan, and of the South with Kohistan, Arghanj Khwa, Shuhada, And South-East Ishkashim.

Friendship bridge between Emblem of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan, And Emblem of Afghanistan.svg Afghnistan Across the Panj river in Region Shughnon-Shughnan!
Beautiful view of the Panj river, the border between  Tajikistan, And  Afghanistan In the Region Shughnon-Shughnan both sides.




Khowar, Tajiks, Khoshey, Pamiris are the major ethnic groups. Pashto and Persian are also spoken.


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This District has a population of 27,750[1]


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