Shiguang Road station

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Shiguang Road

Shanghai Metro
Shiguang Road Station.jpg
Northbound station platform
LocationYangpu District, Shanghai
Coordinates31°19′25″N 121°31′39″E / 31.323611°N 121.5275°E / 31.323611; 121.5275Coordinates: 31°19′25″N 121°31′39″E / 31.323611°N 121.5275°E / 31.323611; 121.5275
Operated byShanghai No. 4 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
Line(s)     Line 8
Platforms2 side platforms
Structure typeUnderground
Opened29 December 2007
Preceding station   Shanghai Metro   Following station
TerminusLine 8

Shiguang Road (Chinese: 市光路; pinyin: Shìguāng Lù) is a Shanghai Metro station in the city's Yangpu District. The station is the current northern terminus of Line 8 and is located on Zhongyuan Road between Kailu Road and Shiguang Road.

The station was opened on 29 December 2007 as part of the first phase of Shanghai Metro Line 8 from Shiguang Road to Yaohua Road.[1] There are two side platforms, one for passengers boarding trains, and the other for disembarking trains. As the station is the northern terminus of the line, all passengers must exit the train. The train then travels north on a section of track to the depot at Zhongyuan Road and Guowei Road, where it is reversed and sent back into service southbound.


  • Exit 1: Kailu Road, east side of Zhongyuan Road
  • Exit 2: Shiguang Road, east side of Zhongyuan Road
  • Exit 3: Shiguang Road, west side of Zhongyuan Road
  • Exit 4: Kailu Road, west side of Zhongyuan Road[2]

Surface connections[edit]

Passengers can transfer to bus routes 537, 538, 577, 726, 758, 813, 817, and 870 at the station.[3]


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