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Shihan Mihiranga
Birth name Shihan Mihiranga Bennet
Born (1985-03-18) 18 March 1985 (age 31)
Weliweriya, Sri Lanka
Genres Alternative rock, pop, jazz, r&b, soul blues, unplugged anything with acoustic instruments
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician, music director
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 2006–present
Labels M entertainment, Dreamz

Shihan Mihiranga (Sinhalese: ශිහාන් මිහිරංග; born 18 March 1985), is a Sri Lankan singer, composer and songwriter. He was ranked fifth place in the first season of Sirasa Superstar, an idol program in Sri Lanka similar to American Idol. He released his first album Dreams of Shihan in 2006. Then in 2008 he released his second album, Dreamz 2 – My Life. Despite being in the 5th position in Sirasa Super Star, season 1, Shihan made a very good impression and is the most popular amongst all the young singers in Super Star arena and Shihan is called as Dream Boy of the youth in Sri Lanka.

Early life and background[edit]

Shihan was born on 18 March 1985 to Tyronne Bennet and Nilu Mallika. His father, Tyronne Bennet is a Sound Engineer, previously worked at Bahrain. He has a sister, Shanika Mihiravi. He studied at De Mazenod College, Kandana.


Shihan married Gishni Clementa Silva on 25 January 2012. Their love story had reportedly started 9 years earlier and it had been a secret to the media until the wedding.

The wedding was held at St. Mary's church in Nayakakanda, Hendala. Reports say that the lovebirds were intent on keeping the event low scale and away from the attention of the media. Clementa is the daughter of Upali Silva, who is a PTI of Shihan's school. The wedding photography was done by Dayan Witharana.

The couple has two sons, the elder son is Shihan Kenneth Yarsh and the younger one is Shihan Glen Marsh. .[1]

Music videos and choreography[edit]

Shihan released his first music video Ada Thaniyen maa which was a great hit in Sri Lanka. Later it won the most popular music video award at Derana Music Video Awards in 2007. He then released videos for several hit songs of his two albums. His music videos like Sewwandiye, Sulagak Wela, Mata Nelaganna Bari, Wassane, Ae obama dai, Mihiraviye and Obage mathaken were among the most popular music videos in Sri Lanka.

Later he went on to sing in several Sinhala movies. He was the main playback singer in the movie Suwanda Danuna Jeewithe. His songs from the movie became popular hits in Sri Lanka.Such as Perada mewu sina,Ron suwanda dena mal and Sith mal hegum popiyana yame. He did playback singing for the song, Raya Pibidee in the movie "Super Six".

In Sirasa Superstar season 4 which was renamed Generation 4, Shihan compered the program along with Nirosha Perera-Yawwane Sihina Yata Daelwune

He also vocalised the theme song of Sirasa Superstar, Generation 4.

His album, Dreams of Shihan, won the Most Popular Album award in 2006.

Brand ambassador[edit]

He currently acts as the Brand Ambassador for Mobitel Smart 5, and Tiara Rollo cake of Ceylon Biscuits Limited.


Dreams of shihan 2006
Dreamz 2 – My Life 2008

Track listing[edit]

Dreamz of Shihan album included songs
No. Title Length
1. "A Sonduru Samanal Wiye" (Album Version) 04.48
2. "Ada thaniyen maa" (Song video won the most popular video of the year in Derana music video awards 2009.) 04.26
3. "Asa gatena" (Album Version) 04.16
4. "Hitha hadana welawe" (Album Version) 03.47
5. "Nethu Kadahalena Tharuwak Wage" (Album Version) 03.56
6. "Oba Dutuwa A dine" (Album Version)  
7. "Obe Senehe Dewatemin" (Album Version) 04.15
8. "Sithin Pathanna Maa" (Album Version) 03.45
9. "Sudo Sudu Aadare" (Album Version)  
10. "Sudu Rosa Mal Watila Thibuna" (Album Version)  

Track listing[edit]

Dreamz 2-My Life album included songs
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Aadara Hegumata Idadenna" (Album Version. A commercial version was produced for Ceylon Biscuits Limited's chocolate brand.) Nandana Wickramage Rukshan Mark 03.24
2. "Jeewithe Pura"      
3. "Kiyannepa" (Album Version)      
4. "Mathakai Hitha Haduwa Edaa" (Album Version)     04.28
5. "Mathakai Obe Muwe Sina" (Album Version)     04.09
6. "Oba Giya" (Shihan's first album contains a slow version of this song. Second album's song is of rock genre.)      
7. "Mata nela ganna beri" (Album Version) Nandana Wickramage Rukshan Mark 03.34
8. "Obada Maa" (Album Version)     04.51
9. "Paaya Neela Ambare" (Album Version) Nandana Wickramage Nalin Perera 03.58
10. "Pini Bindu" (Album Version) Nandana Wickramage Rookantha Gunathilake  
11. "Pini Poda Watena Arunalle" (Album Version)     04.23
12. "Mihiraviye" (Album Version) Nandana Wickramage Theja Iddamalgoda 04.00
13. "Sina Mal Kekulu Pubudaa" (Album Version)     04.28
14. "Sulangak Wela" (Album Version) Nandana Wickramage Nalin Perera 04.12

Single song tracks released[edit]

Solo Tracks
No. Title Length
1. "Maa Dase Wedana ( Remake )" (Solo Track Version) 04.28
2. "Mage Hithata Eya Denuna" (Solo Track Version) 04.30
3. "Me As Diha Balan" (Solo Track Version) 03.24
4. "Perada Mawu Sina ( Film Song )" (Solo Track Version) 04.13
5. "Ron Suwada Dena ( Duet with female singer Uresha Ravihari as a Film Song )" (Solo Track Version) 04.00
6. "Ra Sihinen ( Remake of Original song of singer Namal Udugama )" (Solo Track Version) 03.45
7. "Wassane" (Solo Track Version) 03.40
8. "Hathara Kendare" (Solo Track Version) 03.30
9. "Raya Pibidee ( Film Song of Super Six)" (Solo Track Version) 03.31
10. "Oba Kauruda" (Solo Track Version) 04.39
11. "Thaniyen Ipadunu Nisa" (Solo Track Version) 03.26
12. "Ridawana Jeevithe" (Solo Track Version) 04.11
13. "Mage Wela Laga Unnu Oya" (Solo Track Version) 03.20
14. "Yawwane Sihina Yata Delwune" (Solo Track Version ( Theme song of Sirasa Superstar – Generation 4 )) 03.35
15. "Es Deka Piyana ( Remake of Rookantha Gunathilake song )" (Solo Track Version) 04.12
16. "Ahasama Ridawa ( Jodha Akbar Teledrama Theme song with Nirosha Virajini )" (Solo Track Version) 02.40
17. "Senehe Ammage ( Accompany with Kasun Kalhara, Nirosha Virajini and Umariya Sinhawansa )" (Solo Track Version) 04.04
18. "Daiwaya Ape" (Solo Track Version) 03.52
19. "Obage Mathaken" (Solo Track Version) 03.59
20. "Athi Mawa Rewatuwa" (Solo Track Version) 03.46
21. "Dinaka Mage" (Solo Track Version)  


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