Shijingshan District

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Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
Location of Shijingshan District in Beijing
Location of Shijingshan District in Beijing
Country People's Republic of China
Municipality Beijing
Township-level divisions 9 subdistricts
 • Total 86 km2 (33 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 616,000
 • Density 7,200/km2 (19,000/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 100043
Area code(s) 0010

Shijingshan District (simplified Chinese: 石景山区; traditional Chinese: 石景山區; pinyin: Shíjǐngshān Qū) is an urban district of the municipality of Beijing. It lies to the west of the urban core of Beijing, and is part of the Western Hills area. The district consists of 9 subdistricts of Beijing's city proper.

Although the hills around Yunju Temple may also be called Shijingshan, they have Chinese characters different from those of the district and hence are unrelated to Shijingshan District.

It is 86 square kilometres (33 sq mi) in area, making it one of the smaller districts in the greater urban part of Beijing (the immense Mentougou District to the west of it dwarfs Shijingshan District), and is home to 489,439 inhabitants (2000 Census). Its postal code is 100043.

Administrative divisions[edit]

There are 9 subdistricts in the district:[1]



The western stretch of the 5th Ring Road lies in this area. The Beijing subway serves this area (Line 1). China National Highway 109 runs through Shijingshan.

Important areas[edit]


Previously the headquarters of Wumart were on the 10th floor of the Yuquan Building (S:玉泉大厦, T:,玉泉大廈, P: Yùquán Dàshà) in Shijingshan District.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 39°54′52″N 116°13′59″E / 39.914495°N 116.23305°E / 39.914495; 116.23305