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Panorama view of South-West Shika Island from ferry on Hakata Bay
A view of the entire Hakata Bay from Shiomi-kōen Park Observation Deck

Shikanoshima Island (志賀島 Shika-no-shima[1]?) is an island in Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. The island is known as the spot where the golden block seal (stamp), a national treasure, was excavated. The island is about 11 kilometres around and connected to Umi no Nakamichi by a bridge.

On the hill that commands a view of the entire Hakata Bay is a spot where two farmers found the golden seal, which is now laid out as Kin-in (golden block seal) Park. It is said that about 2,000 years ago, the Emperor Guangwu of Han, a dynasty of ancient China, granted an envoy from Japan a golden block seal, on which the words 「漢委奴国王」"(kan no wa no na no koku-ō" King of the Japanese country of Na of Han) were engraved. The seal can be seen in the Fukuoka City Museum.

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Coordinates: 33°40′30″N 130°18′0″E / 33.67500°N 130.30000°E / 33.67500; 130.30000