Shekay District

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Shekay District ولسوالی شِکی
Afghanistan Badakhshan Darwaz district location.PNG
Coordinates: 38°12′N 70°56′E / 38.200°N 70.933°E / 38.200; 70.933Coordinates: 38°12′N 70°56′E / 38.200°N 70.933°E / 38.200; 70.933
Country Flag of Afghanistan.svg Afghanistan
Province Badakhshan
Region Darwaz
Capital Jarf
Population ([citation needed])
 • Total 27,000
Time zone + 4.30

Shekay or Shikai Persian: شهرستان شِکی‎‎ is one of the 28 Districts of Badakhshan Province in North eastern Afghanistan.[1] It was created in 2005 from part of Darwaz District Badakhshan and is home to approximately 26,000 residents. This is district borders with the NusayKanduf Ab, districts a with DiDhearvoz Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province,  Tajikistan.

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