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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Shiloh of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is shown separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization,[1] return of casualties[2] and reports.[3]

Union forces at Shiloh

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]



Army of the Tennessee[edit]

MG Ulysses S. Grant, Commanding

General Staff & Headquarters

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     MG John A. McClernand

1st Brigade
K-104, W-467, M-9 = 580

   Col Abraham M. Hare (w)
   Col Marcellus M. Crocker

2nd Brigade
K-80, W-475, M-30 = 583

   Col C. Carroll Marsh

3rd Brigade
K-96, W-393, M-46 = 535

   Col Julius Raith (mw)
   Ltc Enos P. Wood

Not brigaded
K-5, W-35, M-0 = 40

Second Division

     BG W.H.L. Wallace (mw)
     Col James M. Tuttle

1st Brigade
K-39, W-143, M-676 = 858

   Col James M. Tuttle
   Ltc James Baker

2nd Brigade
K-99, W-470, M-11 = 580

   BG John McArthur (w)
   Col Thomas Morton

3rd Brigade
K-127, W-501, M-619 = 1,247

   Col Thomas W. Sweeny (w)
   Col Silas D. Baldwin

Not brigaded
K-1, W-5, M-0 = 6
  • Company C, 2nd U.S. Cavalry: Lt James Powell
  • Company I, 4th U.S. Cavalry: Lt James Powell
  • 2nd Illinois Cavalry (Company A): Cpt John R. Hotaling
  • 2nd Illinois Cavalry (Company B): Cpt Thomas J. Larison
  • Battery A, 1st Illinois Light Artillery (4 6 lb SB, 2 12 lb how): Lt Peter P. Wood K-4, W-26
  • Battery D, 1st Missouri Light Artillery (4 20 lb Parrott R): Cpt Henry Richardson K-0, W-6
  • Battery H, 1st Missouri Light Artillery (2 20 lb, 2 10 lb Parrott R): Cpt Frederick Welker K-0, W-17
  • Battery K, 1st Missouri Light Artillery (4 10 lb Parrott R): Cpt George H. Stone K-0, W-4

Third Division

     MG Lew Wallace

1st Brigade
K-18, W-114, M-0 = 132

   Col Morgan L. Smith

2nd Brigade
K-20, W-99, M-3 = 122

   Col John M. Thayer

3rd Brigade
K-2, W-32, M-1 = 35

   Col Charles Whittlesey

Not brigaded
K-1, W-6, M-0 = 7

Fourth Division

     BG Stephen A. Hurlbut

1st Brigade
K-112, W-532, M-43 = 687

   Col Nelson G. Williams (w)
   Col Isaac C. Pugh

2nd Brigade
K-130, W-492, M-8 = 630

   Col James C. Veatch

3rd Brigade
K-70, W-384, M-4 = 458

   BG Jacob G. Lauman

Not brigaded
K-5, W-33, M-56 = 97

Fifth Division

     BG William T. Sherman (w)

1st Brigade
K-137, W-444, M-70 = 651

   Col John A. McDowell

2nd Brigade
K-80, W-380, M-90 = 550

   Col David Stuart (w)
   Ltc Oscar Malmborg[14]
   Col Thomas Kilby Smith

3rd Brigade
K-70, W-221, M-65 = 356

   Col Jesse Hildebrand

4th Brigade
K-36, W-203, M-74 = 313

   Col Ralph P. Buckland

Not brigaded
K-2, W-28, M-0 = 30

Sixth Division

     BG Benjamin M. Prentiss (c)

1st Brigade
K-113, W-372, M-263 = 721

   Col Everett Peabody (k)
   Col John L. Doran[15]

2nd Brigade
K-44, W-228, M-178 = 450

   Col Madison Miller (c)

Not brigaded
K-78, W-328, M-592 = 998
Unassigned troops
K-39, W-159, M-17 = 215
  • 15th Michigan: Col John M. Oliver (temporarily attached to the 4th Brigade, Army of the Ohio)
  • 14th Wisconsin: Col David E. Wood K-16, W-74
  • 8th Ohio Battery (6 30 lb Parrott R): Cpt Louis Markgraf K-0, W-3
  • Battery H, 1st Illinois Light Artillery (4 20 lb Parrott R): Cpt Axel Silfversparre
  • Battery I, 1st Illinois Light Artillery (4 6 lb James R): Cpt Edward Bouton
  • Battery L, 1st Illinois Light Artillery (6 James R)
  • Battery B, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery (5 24 lb SB): Cpt Relly Madison
  • Battery F, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery (6 6 lb SB): Cpt John Wesley Powell (w) K-0, W-6

Army of the Ohio[edit]

MG Don Carlos Buell, Commanding

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division

     BG Alexander M. McCook

4th Brigade
K-28, W-280, M-3 = 311

   BG Lovell H. Rousseau

5th Brigade
K-34, W-310, M-2 = 346

   Col Edward N. Kirk (w)

6th Brigade
K-25, W-220, M-2 = 247

   Col William H. Gibson

Fourth Division

     BG William Nelson

10th Brigade
K-16, W-106, M-8 = 130

   Col Jacob Ammen

19th Brigade
K-48, W-357, M-1 = 406

   Col William B. Hazen

22nd Brigade
K-29, W-138, M-11 = 178

   Col Sanders D. Bruce

Fifth Division

     BG Thomas L. Crittenden

11th Brigade
K-33, W-212, M-18 = 263

   BG Jeremiah T. Boyle

14th Brigade
K-25, W-157, M-10 = 192

   Col William S. Smith

Not brigaded
K-2, W-8, M-0 = 10

Sixth Division

     BG Thomas J. Wood

20th Brigade
K-0, W-0, M-0 = 0

   BG James A. Garfield

21st Brigade
K-0, W-4, M-0 = 4

   Col George D. Wagner


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