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Some of the 1.5 MW turbines stand 80 meters (over 260 feet) tall. The surrounding land is used for sheep grazing and growing hay.
Aerial view of the wind farm.

The Shiloh Wind Power Plant is a wind farm located in the Montezuma Hills of Solano County, California, USA, very near to Bird's Landing, 40 miles (64 Km) northeast of San Francisco. It has a nameplate capacity of 505 megawatts (MW) of power and was built in four stages between 2005 and 2012.

Shiloh I[edit]

Started in August 2005 and completed in April 2006, the first phase of the wind farm consists of 100 GE 1.5 MW wind turbines.[1] They are spread across 6,800 acres (2,800 ha) of rolling hills and cost roughly $220 million to build.[2] The turbines are owned by Iberdrola Renewables (formerly known as PPM Energy) and the electricity is sold to Pacific Gas and Electric (75 MW), the Modesto Irrigation District (50 MW), and the City of Palo Alto (25 MW).[3][4]

The land for the turbines is leased from 26 local landowners, who continue to use it for sheep grazing and growing hay. Of the 100 turbines, 76 towers are 80 meters (262 ft) tall, and 24 towers are 65 m (213 ft) tall. The turbine rotors have a diameter of 77 m (253 ft) and rotate at a rate of 11–20 revolutions per minute.[5]

Shiloh II[edit]

EnXco started commercial operation of the 150-megawatt Shiloh II wind farm in February 2009. The wind farm has 75 REpower MM92 turbines, each generating up to 2 megawatts. It produces enough energy for 74,000 homes. EnXco has a 20-year contract to sell the power to Pacific Gas and Electric Co.[6]

Shiloh III[edit]

The Shiloh III project went online in early 2012 with fifty REpower 2.05 MW turbines, generating 102.5 MW. The power is sold to Pacific Gas and Electric Company under a 20-year agreement.[7]

Shiloh IV[edit]

Shiloh IV became operational in December 2012, and like Shiloh III, consists of fifty REpower 2.05 MW turbines, generating 102.5 MW. The power is sold to Pacific Gas and Electric Company under a 25-year purchase agreement.[8] Shiloh IV involved removal of about 235 existing Kenetech 100 kW turbines, originally installed in 1989 with a capacity of 25 MW.[9] This wind farm has a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which allows for the death of 5 eagles per 5 years because of a collision with a turbine, without facing the penalties outlined by the Endangered Species Act.[10]


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