Shima-Isobe Station

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Shima-Isobe Station
Shima-Isobe stn.jpg
Shima-Isobe Station
Location Isobe-cho Hasama 1819, Shima, Mie
Operated by Kintetsu Railway
Line(s) Shima Line
Opened 1929
Previous names Hasama (until 1970)
Passengers (FY2010) 508 daily

Shima-Isobe Station (志摩磯部駅?, Shima-Isobe-eki) is a railway station in Shima, Mie Prefecture, operated by Kintetsu Railway. The station is 57.5 rail kilometers from the terminus of the line at Ise-Nakagawa Station.


Shima-Isobe Station opened on July 23, 1929, as Hasama Station (迫間駅?, Hasama eki) on the Shima Electric Railway. The line was one of six private companies consolidated into Mie Kotsu by order of the Japanese government on February 11, 1944. When Mie Kotsu dissolved on February 1, 1964, the station became part of the Mie Electric Railway, which was then acquired by Kintetsu on April 1, 1965. The station was rebuilt and renamed to its present name on March 1, 1970.


Station layout[edit]

Shima-Isobe Station has a single island platform and a single island platform serving three tracks, connected to an elevated station building by overpasses. However, Platform 3 is a deadhead platform, and is not used for passenger embarkation/disembarkation.


3  deadhead trains  
1  Shima Line for Ugata and Kashikojima
2  Shima Line for Toba, Nagoya, Osaka Namba and Kyoto

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Shima Line
Toba   Limited Express   Ugata
Kaminogō   Local   Anagawa

Surrounding area[edit]

  • Isobe Post Office
  • Shima High School

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Coordinates: 34°22′12″N 136°48′19″E / 34.3699188°N 136.8054056°E / 34.3699188; 136.8054056