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Head Office of Shimabara Railway(Shimabara, Nagasaki)

Shimabara Railway (島原鉄道?, Shimabara Tetsudō) (Shimatetsu (島鉄?) for short) is a railway company in Nagasaki, Japan.

Shimabara Railway also operates buses, taxis and passenger ferries; as well as other non-transport ventures. [1]

Nagasaki Prefecture and Cities in Shimabara area came to hold stocks in the company after an eruption disaster of Unzen Fugen-dake in an effort to increase capital.


  • May 5, 1908: Shimabara Railway Co., Ltd. established.
  • 1911:
  • September 24, 1913: Line from Isahaya to Shimabara Minato (now South Shimabara) opened.
  • April 10, 1919: Kuchinotsu Railway Co., Ltd. established.
  • April 22, 1922: Kuchinotsu Railway line from Shimabara Minato to Dozaki opened.
  • March 1, 1928: Kuchinotsu Railway line from Kazusa to Shimabara Minato opened.
  • December 5, 1930: Shimabara Railway bus service established.
  • June 1, 1935: Shimabara Railway line to Unzen opened (discontinued 1938).
  • 1935: Kuchinotsu Railway bus service established.
  • 1938: Kuchinotsu Railway buys Oniike route.
  • July 1, 1943: Shimabara and Kuchinotsu Railway companies merge.
  • July 1956 Island Tourist Rail Co., Ltd. established.
  • March 1966 Island Rail Taxi Co., Ltd. established.
  • July 1978 Isahaya Terminal Hotel opened.
  • November 1990-June 1991: Eruption of Mount Unzen; service from Fukae to Shimabara discontinued.
  • October 1995: Nagasaki and cities and towns along the line increase their stock holdings in the company.
  • April 1, 1997: Fukae-Shimabara service resumed after reconstruction work. Tourist tram train operation started.
  • August 1997: Shimabara - Omuta route opened; Shimatetsu high speed passenger ship service began.
  • April 1, 2008 - Rail service from Shimabara-Gaikō to Kazusa discontinued.

Current (October 2015) capital of 300 million yen. [2]



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