Shimazu Katsuhisa

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Shimazu Katsuhisa (島津 勝久?, September 8, 1503 – November 9, 1573) was the fourteenth head of the Shimazu clan and the third son of Shimazu Tadamasa following the Sengoku or Warring States period of 16th century Japan.

He contested leadership of the Shimazu clan against the fifth head of the Satsuma branch of the clan Shimazu Sanehisa. Losing the contest, he was expelled to Bungo Province. He later offered a proposal to welcome Shimazu Takahisa of the Mimasaka branch of the Shimazu as the head of the clan and was finally successful in ousting Sanehisa.

Katsuhisa tried to rule the clan, essentially as the adopted father of Takahisa, but was expelled by Takahisa himself for opposing his policies. According to the record kept by the Shimazu clan, it is said that he travelled to and from for the rest of his life.