Shimazu Tadayoshi (2nd)

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Shimazu Tadayoshi

Shimazu Tadayoshi (島津忠義, May 22, 1840 – December 26, 1897) was a Japanese daimyō of the late Edo period, who ruled the Satsuma Domain as its 12th and final daimyō. During his tenure, much of the political power in Satsuma was held by his father, Hisamitsu.


  • Legal wife: Teruko, died in childbirth 1869
    • Fusako (1869–1871)
  • Second wife: Yasuko, died in childbirth 1879
    • Tadataro (1879–1879)
  • Third wife: Sumiko, died 1886
  • Concubine: Sumako Yamazaki, 1850–1927
  • Concubine: Ku Hishikari, died 1960
    • 5 children




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Preceded by
Shimazu Nariakira
Daimyō of Satsuma
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Shimazu Nariakira
Shimazu family head
Succeeded by
Shimazu Tadashige