Mount Shimbiris

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Shimbiris is located in Somalia
Location of Shimbiris in Somalia
Highest point
Elevation 2,460 m (8,070 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,495 m (4,905 ft) [1]
Listing Country high point
Coordinates 10°44′09″N 47°14′42″E / 10.73583°N 47.24500°E / 10.73583; 47.24500Coordinates: 10°44′09″N 47°14′42″E / 10.73583°N 47.24500°E / 10.73583; 47.24500
Location Somalia
Parent range Ogo Mountains

Mount Shimbiris, also known as Mount Surud Cad,[2] is the highest peak in Somalia.[1] It has an elevation of 2,460 metres (8,071 ft) above sea level.[3] It is located in the Al Madow mountain range in northern Somalia, in the Sanaag region. SRTM data shows that its often-quoted elevation of 2,416 metres (7,927 ft) is slightly low.[1]


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