Shimerville, Pennsylvania

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Shimerville is an unincorporated community in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania located on Pennsylvania Route 100 and Pennsylvania Route 29. Shimerville is located in Upper Milford Township in Lehigh County. The community is located just outside and to the south of Macungie, Pennsylvania and to the west of Vera Cruz, Pennsylvania. It is served by the Emmaus Post Office with the zip code of 18049. A prominent business in the village is the Shimerville Center with its firearm range and catered-events building.



In 1733, John, Thomas, and Richard Penn sold 352 acres of land on the branch of the Perkiomen Creek to Dirick Johnson.[1] In 1774, Dirick's son, John Johnson, sold 213 acres of that land to Jacob Miller, an Inn Keeper in Upper Milford Township.[2] In the year 1792, John Shimer purchased from Jacob Miller over 250 acres of land, the premises on which the present village of Shimerville is located.[3] By 1795, John Shimer had become a successful farmer, landlord, and Justice of the Peace for Upper Milford Township.[4]


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Coordinates: 40°29′39″N 75°31′36″W / 40.4943°N 75.5268°W / 40.4943; -75.5268