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Shimmer Chinodya (born 1957 Gwelo, then Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland) is a Zimbabwean novelist.[1]

He studied at Mambo Primary School. He was expelled from Goromonzi after demonstrating against Ian Smith's government.[2] He graduated from the University of Zimbabwe, and from the University of Iowa, with an MA in creative writing, in 1985.[3][4]

He won the 1990 Commonwealth Writers' Prize, Africa region.[5]


ISBN 978-1779034922


On Boxing Day, 22 December 2014, Shimmer Chinodya caused a stir at a Harare Hospital when he stripped naked and started threatening hospital workers. Police were called and they took him away and released him later without any charges. Reached for a comment by reporters, Chinodya threatened to sue the reporters if they leaked the story.[6]