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Shimmer Women Athletes
Acronym Shimmer
Founded 2005
Style Professional wrestling
Headquarters Berwyn, Illinois
Founder(s) Dave Prazak
Allison Danger
Sister Ring of Honor

Shimmer Women Athletes (often referred to simply as Shimmer) is an American, Chicago-based female independent professional wrestling promotion which held its first event on November 6, 2005.[1][2] Established by Dave Prazak and run by both him and Allison Danger, the promotion was created with a mission to give North American as well as international female wrestling talent a serious platform on which to display their skills.[3] The company takes a unique approach when it comes to holding events: they run one large show an average of every three months at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois. Two DVDs worth of material are taped at these shows and are sold as single volumes initially through Ring of Honor's online store before being nationally distributed through retail outlets. Due to Prazak's work with Ring of Honor, the two companies are closely affiliated with ROH promoting the Shimmer product by semi-regularly featuring the women in competition on their pre as well as main show cards. In September 2008 the company announced that it would start its own wrestling school for female athletes.

Ring of Honor recognizes the Shimmer Championship as well as the Shimmer Tag Team Titles, and both have been defended at ROH events.[4] Its former sister promotion Full Impact Pro also recognized the titles and had defenses of them at its events. Shimmer is also the sister promotion of Shine Wrestling, which debuted on July 20, 2012, and holds events exclusively on internet pay-per-view.[5]


The only two-time champion, Cheerleader Melissa, wearing the championship belt
Championship Current champion(s) Date won Previous Champion
Shimmer Championship Nicole Matthews October 18, 2014 Cheerleader Melissa
Shimmer Tag Team Championship The Kimber Bombs
(Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee)
April 11, 2015 Global Green Gangsters
(Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa)


Shimmer's roster comprises a wide selection of top female wrestlers from all around the world. While most of them appear regularly at show tapings, the roster is not fixed and as such, is not listed on the main Shimmer website. The selection of wrestlers used in dark matches for the crowd that aren't taped for DVDs is called Sparkle. Usually, these are lesser-known wrestlers getting their first exposure to the Shimmer crowd.

The following roster is correct as of the tapings of Volumes 62-66 in April 2014.




Tag teams[edit]



Tag team alumni[edit]

Announcers, commentators and interviewers[edit]

  • Dave Prazak - Play by Play Commentator
  • Allison Danger - Color Commentator
  • Portia Perez - Color Commentator
  • Daffney - Former Color Commentator
  • Joey Eastman - Ring Announcer
  • Rebecca Bayless - Former Backstage and In-Ring Interviewer
  • Valerie Malone - Backstage and In-Ring Interviewer
  • Amber Gertner - Backstage and In-Ring Interviewer
  • Chasity Taylor - Sparkle Ring Announcer


  • Andy Long
  • Brian Gorie
  • Bryce Remsburg - Senior Referee
  • Jennifer Carlisle - Former Referee
  • Laura Mattano
  • P.J. Drummond
  • Carley Rae


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