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Shimmy Disc was an influential New York City-based independent record label founded in 1987 by Mark Kramer. Before it was sold to the Knitting Factory, it was responsible for providing a mass audience for acts including Bongwater, Daniel Johnston, Fly Ashtray, Galaxie 500, King Missile, Boredoms, Ruins, Ween, Gwar, The Semibeings, When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water and Uncle Wiggly. The label also released compilations albums such as "Rutles Highway Revisited (A Tribute To The Rutles)", 1990, which featured various artists from the label, and also introduced new artists like Paleface.

Shimmy Disc Video Compilation V.1[edit]

Shimmy Disc Video Compilation V.1
Video by
Genrepunk rock
Length120 min
LabelShimmy Disc
Gwar, Bongwater, King Missile, Paleface, others chronology
Shimmy Disc Video Compilation V.1

Shimmy Disc Video Compilation V.1 was the first official video release to feature Gwar, this compilation included several other bands on the Shimmy Disc label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Lesbians of Russia (Bongwater)
  2. Jimmy (Bongwater)
  3. The Box (King Missile)
  4. Take Stuff from Work (King Missile)
  5. Dominique (When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water)
  6. This Guy's in Love (When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water)
  7. Bird (B.A.L.L.)
  8. Out of the Blue (B.A.L.L.)
  9. Tugboat (Galaxie 500)
  10. Hymn (Tuli Kupferberg)
  11. Maybe (Spongehead)
  12. Hot Dog (Michael Cudahy)
  13. Shaft (Velvet Monkeys)
  14. Rock Party (Velvet Monkeys)
  15. Sex Gorilla (Dogbowl)
  16. Daytime (Dogbowl)
  17. What Makes Donna Twirl? (Midget Planets)
  18. Ain't No Crime to be Stupid (Mr. Elk and Mr. Seal)
  19. Life's a Gas (Shockabilly)
  20. Pile Up All Architecture (Shockabilly)
  21. Gwar Theme (Gwar)
  22. Time For Death (Gwar)

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