Shimodate Station

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Shimodate Station
Shimodate Station 20120325.jpg
Shimodate Station, March 2012
Location Otsu 86, Chikusei, Ibaraki
Operated by
Opened 1889
Passengers (FY2013) 3393 (JR) daily
Kantō Railway platform

Shimodate Station (下館駅, Shimodate-eki) is a railway station located in Chikusei, Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan.


Shimodate Station is served by the JR East Mito Line, and is located 16.2 km from the official starting point of the line at Oyama Station. It is a terminus of the privately owned Mooka Railway’s Mooka Line and is served by the Kantō Railway’s Jōsō Line.

Station layout[edit]

Shimodate Station has two island platforms and one side platform all connected by overhead passageways. The side platform has a cutout on its west side, so that the three platforms serve a total of six tracks. The station has a Midori no Madoguchi ticket office.


1  Mooka Railway Mooka Line for Mōka, Mashiko and Motegi
2, 3  JR East Mito Line for Kasama, Tomobe and Mito
for Yūki and Oyama
4, 5  Kantō Railway Bōsō Line for Shimotsuma, Moriya and Toride

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Mito Line
Tamado - Niihari
Mooka Line
Terminus SL Mooka Orimoto
Terminus Local Shimodate-Nikōmae
Jōsō Line
Shimotsuma   Rapid   Terminus
Ōtagō   Local   Terminus


Shimodate Station was opened on 16 January 1889.[1] The predecessor of the Mooka Railway began operations from 1 April 1912 and the Bōsō Railway (predecessor of the Kantō Railway) from 1 November 1913. The station was absorbed into the JR East network upon the privatization of the Japanese National Railways (JNR) on 1 April 1987.

Surrounding area[edit]


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Coordinates: 36°18′13″N 139°58′42″E / 36.3037129°N 139.9783516°E / 36.3037129; 139.9783516