Shimun XVII Abraham

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Shimun XVII Abraham
His Holiness
Church Assyrian Church of the East
Diocese Patriarchal Diocese of Qodshanis
See Apostolic See of Seleucia-Ctesiphon
Installed 1820
Term ended 1861
Predecessor Mar Shimun XVI Yohannan
Successor Shimun XVIII Rubil
Rank Catholicos-Patriarch
Personal details
Born Qodshanis, Hakkari
Died 1861
Qodshanis, Hakkari
Nationality Assyrian (Ottoman)
Denomination Christian, Assyrian Church of the East
Residence Qodshanis, Hakkari

Mar Shimun XVII Abraham (also Simon XVII Abraham or Auraham) was Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East from c. 1820 to 1861.[1]

He led the church from Qodshanis, (modern Konak, Hakkari) in southeastern Turkey, and tried to maintain good relations with local Ottoman authorities. In 1843, he was faced with renewed hostilities from Kurdish warlords, who attacked many Christian villages and killed 10,000 men, taking away women and children as captives, and forcing Patriarch to take refuge in Mosul.[2] He is buried in the Church of Mar Shalita in Turkey.

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Assyrian Church of the East titles
Preceded by
Mar Shimun XVI Yohannan
Catholicos-Patriarch of the Church of the East
Succeeded by
Mar Shimun XVIII Rubil