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Shin may refer to:


  • The front part of the leg below the knee
  • Shinbone, the tibia, the larger of the two bones in the leg below the knee in vertebrates


  • Shin (given name) (Katakana: シン, Hiragana: しん), a Japanese given name
  • Shin (Korean surname) (Hangul: 신, Hanja: 申, 辛, 愼), a Korean family name
  • Shin (Chinese: 新, which means "new"), spelled in Pinyin as Xin

Fictional characters



  • Shin (band) (Chinese: 信樂團)
  • Shin (singer) (蘇見信), a Taiwanese singer and former lead singer of the band Shin
  • Shin, the drummer of the German visual kei group Cinema Bizarre
  • The Shin, a Georgian fusion jazz band
  • The Shins, an American indie band
  • Shin (シン), a Japanese rock singer and former vocalist of Vivid


  • Shin, Iran, a village in Zanjan Province, Iran
  • Shin, Swat, an administrative unit in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan
  • Shin, Syria, a village in Syria
  • Loch Shin, a loch in the Scottish Highlands
  • River Shin, a river in the Scottish Highlands

Other uses

  • Shin (letter), the twenty-first letter in many Semitic alphabets, including Hebrew ש‎ and Arabic ش‬
  • Shin Buddhism, a widely practiced branch of Buddhism in Japan, named after its founder, Shinran
  • Shin Corporation, one of the largest conglomerates in Thailand
  • Shina language
  • Shina people, an ethnic group who live in parts of Pakistan and northern India
  • Shin (信), a principle of Nichiren Buddhism
  • Shin Japan Heroes Universe, a Japanese crossover media project

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