Shin-Hakushima Station

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Shin-Hakushima Station
Astram Shin-Hakushima Station 02.JPG
Astram Line station building
Location Naka, Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Coordinates 34°24′30″N 132°27′42″E / 34.408361°N 132.461528°E / 34.408361; 132.461528Coordinates: 34°24′30″N 132°27′42″E / 34.408361°N 132.461528°E / 34.408361; 132.461528
Operated by
Line(s) Sanyo Main Line, Astram Line
Opened March 14, 2015 (2015-03-14)

Shin-Hakushima Station (新白島駅, Shin-Hakushima-eki) is an infill railway station on the Sanyō Main Line, Kabe Line, and the Astram Line in Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan. It is operated by West Japan Railway Company and Hiroshima Rapid Transit.


Shin-Hakushima Station is served by the following lines:

Station Layout[edit]

JR West[edit]

Shin-Hakushima Station
JR Shin-Hakushima Station 20150315-01.JPG
JR West eastbound station building on March 2015
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
Other information
Website Official website
Passengers (FY2015) 7,900 daily
The westbound station building in March 2017

The JR West station consists of two staggered side platforms serving two tracks. Each platform is accessed through a separate station building. A convenience store is located in the westbound ticket hall. Outside the ticket barriers, there is an underpass connecting the two buildings. A dedicated walkway connects the JR West and Astram Line stations. [1]


1  Sanyo Main Line for Yokogawa, Miyajimaguchi, Iwakuni, and Tokuyama
 Kabe Line for Yokogawa, Ōmachi, Kabe, and Aki-Kameyama
2  Sanyo Main Line for Hiroshima, Saijō, Mihara, connection to Kure Line
 Kabe Line for Hiroshima

Adjacent Stations[edit]

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Sanyo Main Line
City Liner: Does not stop at this station
Hiroshima   Rapid   Yokogawa
Hiroshima   Local   Yokogawa
Kabe Line
Hiroshima   Local   Yokogawa

Astram Line[edit]

Astram Logo.svg
Shin-Hakushima Station

Platform of Shin-Hakushima Station (Astram Line) 2.jpg
Astram Line platform on March 2017
Line(s) Astram Line
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Structure type Underground station
Passengers (FY2015) 4,273 daily

The Astram Line station has 1 island platform serving two tracks. The platform forms a triangular shape, with the station exit at the wide end of the platform. There is an emergency exit at the other end. To the north of the station, the track immediately leaves the tunnel, and becomes elevated track after passing under the JR West station.


1  Astram Line for Kōiki-kōen-mae
2  Astram Line for Hondōri

Adjacent Stations[edit]

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Astram Line
Jōhoku   Local   Hakushima


The station was built to allow a direct connection between the Astram Line and the Sanyo Main Line. Initial plans were to have a circular shell cover the entire passageway connecting the Astram Line and JR West stations. The contract for design was awarded to C+A Coelacanth and Associates in 2012, with a planned opening sometime in 2014. However, structural concerns caused the opening to be delayed by one year, and caused the circular shell to be cut back so it no longer covered the passageway. The station opened on March 14, 2015. [2] A green roof was later installed in the passageway sometime during 2015.


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